Trilogy of DLC - Part 3: Good DLC

Ryan Syrett for Xboxer360 writes: It’s finally the last chapter of my little slog through the good, the bad and the plain buck ugly sides of DLC. After my last two installments ‘First hand DLC’ and ‘Bad DLC’ I’ve finally got something positive to say! It’s a goddamn miracle; most of the time I’m just a negative old bastard.

This feature is pretty much what I consider to be ‘good’ DLC. Some of you may not agree with it and that’s just fine. We all have our own opinions. Hopefully you will all be able to understand what I consider being done a good’un by a computer games company.

A quick outlay of ‘Good’ DLC to me is something that brings 3 very simple things: story enhancement, value, and most importantly fun to an already good game. Can we all agree on that? Good, on to the fun stuff.

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showtimefolks2913d ago

what is dlc to you as a gamer?

new maps for a fps
a new side story like gta and RDR

as a gamer i am all for dlc but companies have planned for dlc ahead of time so the content that would make it in a game now might end up selling for extra $10 as dlc.

dead rising 2 pure example one dlc for 5 i think now case west

in my opinion capcom is the one company that needs to look at how it does dlc because if something is on disk and yet we have to pay to unlock it that's not dlc that's RIP OFF

sorry english not my first language so bare with me

Bleucrunch2913d ago

Yea Capcom are definitely crooks when it comes to that, Bethesda is one company as well as rockstar that does DLC correctly. DLC should always be an optional item and not a necessity. The way they charge for it is something that should be looked at as well. In my honest its up to the people, they decide what works and what doesn't if they are buying second rate DLC then companies like capcom and activision will continue to do what they do as far as bad DLC.

Man In Black2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

"Bethesda is one company as well as rockstar that does DLC correctly."

Lol, but in all serious-ness, Bethesda now and Rockstar (apart from the first two premium RDR DLCs) are definitely the only ones actually giving us value for money.

Unlike Crapcom's fucking reskin dlc. I remember modding Max Payne 2 on PC, and all you do to reskin is highlight the relevant areas in photoshop, and change the colours. Not exactly worth the price they're charging.

Lirky2913d ago

I agree some gaming compenies dont know how to do dlc, Rockstar does dlc very well for fans and new ppl alike.

Quagmire2912d ago

Good DLC is for Sandbox/RPG games which add long expansions to main stories and give new mission types as evident with Undead Nightmare, Episodes of Liberty City, and many RPG's Mass Effect/Dragon Age/Fallout 3 etc.

Bad DLC is for Shooters, Fighters, and Racers. A couple of extra maps/perks/guns for FPS's, couple of new cars and tracks for racers, and Character for Fighters. These can all be placed within the game originally, but devs feel the need to cut them out and sell them seperately.