TGH: Dead Space 2 Demo Impressions

The fear that struck your heart with the original Dead Space will strike you again in Dead Space 2. Now you can get a taste of the dismemberment with the Dead Space 2 Demo, available now on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. However, if you are gaming on the Playstation 3 in Europe,I’m afraid you will have to wait until Wednesday.

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ShadyDevil2741d ago

Can't wait for this game, I did notice some texture popping in the demo but we'll see if its in the full game.

TehGamersHub2741d ago

Was that on the PS3 or Xbox? I've noticed it on the PS3.

hankmoody2741d ago

Nitpicking already? Come on...

Iamback2741d ago

this is why PSN is mega fail. I just created fake USA account thinking it's on it. Guess what it isn't. O i have to create UK account? F YOU! In before just wait couple of hours or day, no i don't want to wait i want it to be uploaded on every PSN store at the same time, is it that hard? Besides why can't EU, UK, USA PSN be same thing when both are in English. This is why MS will continue to dominate when it comes to online.

TimeSkipLuffy2741d ago

and have their games region locked? Hell NO! This is my biggest complaint since I have bought a XBOX360. I was used to play games from wherever I want. Now, and since germany is tougher in this matter, I really need to stick to cut german games or import them from the US or UK. My XBOX360 is from the US btw.

Focker4202741d ago

FYI its currently available on the Hong Kong PS Store. I'm downloading it now. It won't be available on the US store for another 9 hours.

femshep2741d ago

the demo only made me want the game more than i already did and that is pretty hard to do cause ive been in love with dead space when the first announced it

BullCrap2741d ago

Theres like 50 stores xbot, try hong kong numb nuts.

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