What will you do on Halo 3 launch day?

With the launch of Bungie's monster upcoming hit Halo 3 looming in the distance Loot-Ninja wondered what gamers would be doing on that day?

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s8anicslayer3661d ago

Playing through to see masterchief's fate,then having the ultimate frag fest

Evil0Angel3661d ago

than play it...this is my plan

thereapersson3661d ago

Wal*Mart will have special checkout lanes reserved just for Halo 3 buyers. Crazy stuff...

taz80803661d ago

somehting tells me the productivity of the world will drastically fall on this day, the world will all be playing halo 3, lol

jay33661d ago

I'm gonna be hoping that the site i ordered it from holds up it's end of the deal


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The story is too old to be commented.