Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Review -

Battlefield fans have been treated to an early Christmas present in the form of Bad Company 2: Vietnam. It’s a cheap downloadable content pack, which adds a sixties spin to the bloodshed. Moving away from the modern age, this DLC plunges you into the brutal jungle combat of the Vietnam War. Charlie’s born to kill, and he certainly don’t surf – this much is certain. The remaining question is, should you buy it?

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EddyD2912d ago

Seeing a lot of good ratings for this, may have to get it.

Killer62912d ago

It's definitely worth it.

GLoRyKnoT2912d ago

It's a Battlefield X-mas :) No better way 2 finish-out 2010 than w/ the game that has been in my PS3 the most! Best FPS this year by a long shot! Happy holidays y'all :)

Killer62912d ago

Alright, getting it then :)

EddyD2912d ago

You've sold me on it.

M-Easy2912d ago

They have a dumb point system. Why the hell are you going to ad decimals to a 5 point scoring system?

zerox5052912d ago

who the fuck gives it a 4.2?

Rah5er02912d ago

Nice. DLC is just about an industry standard; not to shabby either for 15 bucks