The Best Gaming Videos of 2010

NowGamer has compiled all of the best gaming videos of 2010 into one compilation, including insane Black Ops tomahawk kills, Red Shirt Guy asking mad questions at Blizzcon, kids getting knocked out playing Kinect, mental Red Dead Redemption glitches and more. Absolutely hilarious.

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TimmyShire2553d ago

That Minecraft video is hilarious. Simply hilarious.

skyward2553d ago

That FIFA goal is unbelievable. If someone scored that against me I'd rage quite faster than the average Black Ops player

LoaMcLoa2553d ago

The Kinect Joy Ride-video made my day xD

Akagi2553d ago

..Are you serious? You don't even link the videos?

mattiebo1232553d ago

I thought that at first, but they're all part of one video:

Arknight2553d ago

"Thanks for pointing that out, kid....We'll get that fixed right away."

so awesome

skyward2553d ago

"Thankyou." [turns away] brilliant!

Acquiescence2553d ago

He's so blatantly nervous. Still funny though.

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