Why Microsoft Needs Halo 3 to Be A Hit ?…The Facts Unveiled

From Sweethacks:

"We all must have heard about Halo 1 or Halo 2, they where more or less the best selling games for the original Xbox console with millions of sales and new subscriptions to xbox live, infact there still are players on halo 2 online and the SweetHacks Clan is growing Everyday. We go by the name of SweetHacks Com

This will be the first Halo for the Xbox 360, and it comes at a critical point in the console wars, with Microsoft fighting both Sony's graphically superior PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's unexpected hit, the wrist-twisting Wii. Microsoft needs Halo 3 to be a system seller - a game so good that people buy an Xbox 360 just to play it (the original Xbox's only profitable quarter came during the launch of Halo 2."

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Jay da 2KBalla3749d ago

"Graphically superior PS3"?!?!?

Where did this journalist get his weed from because I want some too.

Gizmo_Logix3749d ago

Yawn....Halo 3 will sell just like the other Halo's sold. To it's rabid xbox 1 base. Oh well...

TheSadTruth3749d ago

"3.6 - That's what i'm talkin' about!
Finally there are a lot more rational gamers joining the site and commenting. I hope these fanboy stages and flamewar stages die like a bad fad.

Bubbles for you sir! Bubbles for you"

Uh no.. some things will never change

TriggerHappy3749d ago

I hope people who "hate Halo" will read the title before coming into this post and posting negative stuff.

Btw, I do agree that with Halo 3 launching, that is indeed a critical point in this War.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3749d ago

Halo 3 is X360's Last Stand

TriggerHappy3749d ago

Where did you get that tag line from X Men movie ? :)

CRIMS0N_W0LF3749d ago

PFFT....Comics >>>> Movies!

Though lately movies are begining to be good. Look at 300. PERFECTLY with Comic...I was impressed.

Xi3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Microsoft is in more of an offensive position in this "war." if it does do well, as suggested, it will land a major blow to sony and the ps3 campaign. The other big thing is that this game is getting the xbox brand out there far more than last gen and that's very important.

Crimson, your hate for gaming is sad.

edit- alright crimson, you know more about gaming apparently so uh, what makes halo over hyped?

and Uh, I'm polish, now attending the university of calgary in canada where I'm studying computer science under the same professor who taught James Gosling(which if you didn't know was the founder of th java language).

BTW my first system was the atari 2600, which I still own and have accumulated 48 games for. And I'm sure you have never played great games like full throttle or phantom dust, or psychonaughts all games from extremely talented developers and all games that are critically acclaimed. I doubt you know more about gaming, because halo isn't over hyped or overrated, only if a game does poorly in both reviews and sales can be called over hyped and overrated.

What's funny is looking at your comments, they're all negative for halo 3, or how the 360 sucks in japan or how it's not doing well, rrod. Yeah I have a preference for the 360, not because I think the ps3 is bad but because I have yet to see something that truly sets it apart from the 360. I recently paid 2300 dollars for 50 shares of SNE. And if you look at my comments I rarely make fun of sony, I only defend the 360.

You my friend are a fanboy. Oh and for a PC gamer I assume you've played System shock 2, and marathon, a couple of the best fps ever made?

because you should know that much like bioshock is a blantent ripoff of it's former glory Systemshock 2, halo is much like marathon, where

pfhor - covenant (even to the organic like art style for ships)
leela - cortana
durandal - 343 guilty spark
tycho - 2401 Penitent Tangent (cept reprogrammed by the flood)

right, so as for halo being "overrated" and a "pile of turd" you know nothing as to the background and greatness of halo, much like you probably have no idea what happened in Half Life 1-2.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3749d ago

Xi I know more about gaming then you. I been gaming since games where 4 colours. I know a real game then an over hyped/rated game. Unlike you (which you are probably american due to your thinking) I know what I am saying not blind fanboyism

darkequitus3749d ago

If you have been playing that long, you should know better than to post silly fanboy comments.

All those years of gaming should have told you that the only way to enjoy all what gaming has to offer is to be planform agnostic. And further not to pass your finally jusdgment on a game noone has played through yet.

P.S. dimissing a game completely out of hind like larry007/stella/nasim does is either blind fanboism or pure ingnorance.

Don't you think you commenting about halo all the time fuels the fire and feeds the hype. Are you not part of the hype machine. You and your kind keeps the flams going, whether rubbishing the 360 or PS3 or whatever.

And how do you quantify knowing more? That is a pointless premise to a argument

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360 - Bioshock + COD 4 Beta
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Dareaver13749d ago

Finally there are a lot more rational gamers joining the site and commenting. I hope these fanboy stages and flamewar stages die like a bad fad.

Bubbles for you sir! Bubbles for you.

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BrainDrain3749d ago

Halo 3 will sell. period. I can see a spike in 360 sales as a result of it's release.

Juicer3749d ago

Halo will sell, it's still gonna be a mediocre singleplayer though. The multiplayer will be good console multiplayer game but that isn't saying much :(

iNcRiMiNaTi3749d ago

id cry if that was true....H2 campaign was a big letdown...especially at teh hoping that there will be more things to do in the campaign mode assuming they have certain things with the co-op in 4 banshees attacking a large covenant group and stuff

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