GetGosu Offer Gaming For Cash

A new gaming service allowing players to play tournaments for cash entry fees and prizes is on the way. will offer both scheduled and sit and go style tournaments for gamers willing to test their skills against other players in both CounterStrike Source and 1.6.

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TabbyBW2801d ago

Don't they realise people have tried this before and failed before, quite a few years ago now...

Killer62801d ago

That's what i was thinking, plenty tried around 3-5 years ago, and none made it successful.

TabbyBW2801d ago

Yea, i know, it's crazy.

Killer62801d ago

Doubt it'll work, but might try it out.

EddyD2801d ago

I think it might work out, looks like they're keeping it small to start with, could be good.

Killer62800d ago

They need a better choice of games if they really want to make it succesful though, CS is only for the hardcore nowadays.

EddyD2800d ago

CS is still pretty big, but i agree, if they could do it with a COD title they'd be fine.

TheStee2800d ago

Activision would never allow this on a CoD title coz they wouldn't make enough from it without pricing people out of it.

This seems like an idea that's been tried before, but lots of things take a few tries to get off the ground so it's worth a look I reckons.

mast3rshak32800d ago

yes if they can learn from the others mistakes it could work. I remember but they didn't have tournaments (only could play 1 team vs 1 team) and you couldn't actually play with your team (would split players up randomly based on a "skill ranking" so that didn't work for all the existing hardcore gaming teams already out there). This gosu thing can play tournaments with your team, so that is a lot better I think. I would like to see it work cause I am a hardcore gamer. More games would be good of course.