PlayStation Move arrives in Brazil as "incredible" $468

The PlayStation Move motion control device bundle for Sony PlayStation 3, finally can be purchased in Brazil.

The official Sony price for the device is R$799 or $468, more than a Playstation Bundle with Move included on the United States.

In perpective, the Kinect arrived in Brazil for R$599, even they cost $50 more.

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Matthew942918d ago

wow, just wow. South America really gets the shaft

TheOldOne2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

"PlayStation Move Bundle containing 1, a camera and a PlayStation Eye Game Sports Champions incredible cost $599.99"

lol reminds me of this:

RedDragan2918d ago

The thing about Brazil is that you can either afford it or not.

And because of Brazil's enormous economic growth there are plenty of people there who can afford this. That country is not like China and India with huge middle class populations yet. That will come in the next decade and when it does Brazil will see price structures changing accordingly with it.

ngecenk2918d ago

same here in indonesia, its $100 more expensive than US standard price. because if you can afford it, than additional 100$ doesnt really matter that much.


I don't know where they get that info... Move had been on Brazil since one week after release in US at BRL 599 (a bit over USD 300) the exact same as Kinect PLUS it's officially a import, the box and manual aren't in portuguese and the age restriction is ESRB, which brazillian boxes don't have. The Sony site have nothing about Move so Sony has yet to launch Move here, although I believe it won't be much cheaper than Kinect.

NewMonday2918d ago

Most likely retailers taking advantage of misinformed costumers.

toaster2918d ago

Nope, it's Brazilian import tax. Brazilian's pay something like 60% of the total + shipping depending on what product it is.

For example, this guy from Brazil has his PC rig featured in Guru 3D's rig of the month, and he says that importing electronics is very expensive.

"For example : here a GTX 480 costs U$1000,00 in the store and in USA for example it costs U$500, and if i want to buy something from another country I need to pay plus 60% of the total, including shipping costs, to my country. Also to change Brazilian money (R$, real) to U$ i need R$1,70 to buy U$1,00. So maybe for you guys will look like I am lying but my sister as it is right now cost approximately U$7900,00."

GodsHand2918d ago

So I can buy your sister for roughly $8,000.00?

High Five!

I am sure your wording is off, but those import traffis suck balls, something the US needs to do with Chinas imports. Make Chinese products expensive to buy here.

DaTruth2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

"So maybe for you guys will look like I am lying but my sister as it is right now cost approximately U$7900,00."

There must be a mistype in their some place. Or there are just things happening in other places in the world that I can't fathom being from Toronto, Canada.

@Godshand: That would just make everything expensive and the days of big screen televisions and hi-tech electronics in every home would be over.

We would have our manufacturing jobs back, but I bet you these big companies would still pay us crap anyway. Manufacturing jobs for $10 an hour is just wrong!

RedDragan2918d ago

If the wording is correct then I am sure it is a dialect issue, not that he is pimping out his sister lol...

I would imagine it is a newborn and the initial cost (hospital fee's, foods, clothes, decoration for the room etc.) will cost that much. It would be far less in the western nations.

This would also tie in perfectly with what I mentioned above. Brazil has it's "have's and have not's" in a way that we could not possibly imagine in nations like the USA, Cananda, UK, France, Germany etc.

The rich are rich, and the poor are poor. The middle class is sparce... but hey, with an economic growth of 9%... and a stable predicted growth of 4-5%... in a nation of 150M... this guy will not have to wait long until the import tax is removed. With the rising numbers of middle class people on the way, they will be producing their own stuff.

nVidia, Intel etc will be moving in there ramp up the retail within 10 years! It is looking good for Brazil despite what the news agencies are saying about the infrastructure... we should all know that Brazil is not going to allow it to decay further now that the nation is finally progressing.

For products costing $500 in the USA, he could be only paying $650 instead of the current $1000+.

I quite like brazil... I really want to have babies with the latino ladies there!!! MMMMmmmmmm! LOL

BISHOP-BRASIL2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

He probably meant "system", standing for PC. I'm brazillian and "sister" don't make any sense to me too...

Anyway, the problem here in Brazil is that our government is tax happy. Althouth the minimum wage is barelly over 275 USD per month we pay more taxes than many fully developed countries with high HDI. Tax wise Brazil is comparable to Norway or Sweden.

Not only the tax is high but it's dumb too. Take importation just as an example. They never get it right to what tax in the package, I have imported guitar parts in the past from and I got widely results. Sometimes they tax both the stated price + the mailing costs, I had been graced with them just taxing the mailing costs once, everything takes a long time as they don't get where to fit your product, as the time when my package with a bass bridge and turners got stuck for further investigation as for imported FOOD, they had more than once tried to tax me for free ad magazines StewMac send me (and any pressed media not aimed for resell is isent of tax by law)...

Not only they aren't wise enough for a Customs Agency, but their math is not from this world. Like a package comes in, not only they mistakenly tax 60% over the product + mail as for national importation tax (IPI) but they mess things up againg on State level, like I live in São Paulo city, within the homonimous State, so I have to pay other taxes this product avoided, like ICMS, which runs for 25% of the value of the products, but more commonly than anyone would like they apply this tax over product + mail + IPI, overlaping taxes.

I have payed as high as 135% over some products + mailing before. As well as I have many times paid no tax at all because Customs simply failed to stop my product and go straigth for mailing. It's simply a really unefficient system, on top of the fact this national industries protection policy actually protects no one as we usually only import what has no parallel factored here... Like now anyone here buy a Blu-ray disc will buy one factored here but 2 years a go there were no local production while there were already players on stores, resulting on tax going down the drain.

On the matter of videogames there have been national products from TecToy way before Zeebo, most of which were licenced SEGA old consoles rip off, but no one made physical media for sale beyond PC games while you can grab any console in popular electronics stores nowadays, so I don't see the point in tax for importation. The problem with Sony here now is that they are still importing everything and just boxing here, which don't save 'em much of taxes plus they have to go through brazillian stardizations and laws, unless they step up their factory here (which at this moment, beyond boxing, only assemble PS2s) people will run back to grey market or worse as it's starting to become easier to purchase a Jailbreaked PS3 here (I had been in grey market last month to buy the G27 which isn't released in here and almost every store in my region were offering both standard and jailbreaked PS3s with a not so big difference in price, were the hell they found that many 3.42 FWed PS3s I don't know) and they will loose control again.

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jriquelme_paraguay2918d ago

here... Move Cost about 180 U$D...
but if i buy from Amazon, and my courier, cost about 120 U$D


That's why so many brazillians cross the border to Paraguay to buy electronics, as each person can legally bring 300 USD worth of products back to Brazil without paying taxes.

But the conversion USD/BRL is different in Brazil and Paraguay so people end up bringing back a little over 300 dollars of products still legally.

egidem2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I had the same thought...they just received the short end (and expensive) of the stick! It's kind of weird that the Move is costing a lot more than it is supposed to. Any ideas why? Does it have to deal with shipping costs?

madpuppy2918d ago

do you remember when you kicked Bishop Brennen in the arse?

good stuff....

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renanbianchi2918d ago

That's why piracy reigns on Brazil. NO one is crazy enough to buy it. Everyone imports or get it from grey market, aka doesn't pay any taxes.

Redempteur2918d ago

well you can't pirate move ... the games yes but not the device itself ...

So it'll be grey market all the way

Azfargh2918d ago

Thank god for Amazon and Ebay

Hozi892918d ago

You think it suck for them? I live in Trinidad and Tobago and you can't find a PS3 for less the $3800TT. The currency here is 6tt to 1us dollar.

It's an outrage...especially when retailers here are selling greatest hit titles for $500tt and who knows how much the Move bundle will sell for?

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