Killzone 3 review next month

OPM set to unleash world exclusive

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Iamback2591d ago

Gaming magazine will review a game! WOW never expected that to happen.

NewMonday2591d ago

There is always a news post about the first review of a game in a magazine, or a game previewed in a TV show, way reject this now?


Any way we alerday knw this game will get high scores. Nothing less than a 9 from opm.

Koolno2590d ago

From opm, and most of unbiased magazine..

but be sure, you'll see some 7 from edge, gametrailers, etc paid for downplaying it.

renegade2590d ago

This game is a buy for me not care about reviews...

OllieBoy2590d ago

Expecting no less than a 10. The game looks like a huge improvement over KZ2.

KZ3 kicks off a great year for shooters.

redDevil872590d ago

Don't care what the score is. I'm buying it day 1.

OhReginald2590d ago

I expect a 11/10 ...nothing less.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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