Next GTA is already in development

Fudzilla: A number of sources, including Wedbush industry analyst Michael Pachter, are expecting the new chapter in the Grand Theft Auto franchise to arrive late 2011 or an early 2012 release. Our industry sources confirm to us that the title has been in development for some time.

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Balt 2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I know, how absurd is this? That's like saying we have 24 hours to look forward to today. Not that I really care. I haven't ever beaten one GTA game or played them past 3 hours in total I believe. The closest I came was GTA-vice city -- I played that one for like 5 hours.

I_find_it_funny2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I enjoyed reading this until ..Pachter.. COME ON, let's pretend he does not exist from now on, ok?

"(...) but they could choose to move it into early 2012, just as the company did with Red Dead Redemption"
not only RDR, but GTA4 was released in April and was huge success

GrieverSoul2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Also, earth shattering news!!!



Tomorrow... will be... Wednesday! O.O

yess2891d ago

I think there is an old rule at R* that GTA games are released in october.

October 2012

TheLastGuardian2891d ago

Hopefully it will be ready in 2012. I don't think my wallet can take another must have game in 2011.

NecrumSlavery2891d ago

@ I find it funny

lol, i started reading until the words Michael Pachter came up, and then i, as always, back the hell out of that retardesness.

r1sh122891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

@Balt...Youre right.
I mean we all knew after the two DLC releases im sure most of the team was working towards the next GTA. A small number would support, another small number would be making the PS3 version of DLC.
I just hope they dont use the stupid updated RAGE system from Red Dead, because it was much worse. You couldnt strafe smoothly when shooting other players (In MP), it would always step too far to one side.
Im really hoping GTA is back like it was in SA, because that had everything.
You could own a business/franchise, you could get driving/motorbike/boat lessons.
It had soo many things in that game, a few will need some refining but overall it was a solid game.
The multiplayer in GTA I though was great, Im sure the FPS fans didnt like it as much.
But it had lots to offer, racing, team games, objective games etc..
Even Free Mode.
I only hope they listen to some of the fan suggestions, the biggest problem with Red Dead Multiplayer - the health regeneration was too quick and the strafing.

norman292891d ago

@TheLastGuardian lol @ this being a must have game, did you not play GTA4?

BigKev452891d ago

Balt wonders why he only has 1 bubble left.

Coffin872890d ago

Just an obvious troll who's being way obvious.
Add one disagree, move on, and never think about that fool again.
You and me know his life is a failure, he never will. You can't help him.

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toaster2891d ago

I don't think it's obvious as some people think it would be. They could have anything up their sleeve at this moment, LA Noire, Agent, Another Red Dead. I just want a GTA game that doesn't suck *ahem GTA4*.

I_find_it_funny2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

yea, I'm waiting for this Agent game, but to be honest I doubt it even exists

hennessey862891d ago

wasnt that bad, it wasnt the best in the series but it was still a good game

Cajun Chicken2891d ago

Rockstar North haven't done anything for about 2 years now. I would of thought it would be obvious that GTA5 is being made, at least in pre-production.

r1sh122891d ago

im sure it will be out mid 2011, if not april 2011.
Like you said they have been very quiet.
Although as usual they will not make any noise about the game until its very close to being completed.

2891d ago
BaSeBaLlKiD7212891d ago

You do know that Rockstar North is working on Agent?

so they definitely didn't sit on their asses doing nothing for the past two years...

guigsy2891d ago

Pretty sure they would've started development of some capacity after GTA4 was released.

rrw2891d ago


in E3 they announced GTA5 for november 2011
then they delay it for Q1 2012

egidem2891d ago

The Current Grand Theft Auto had a budget of $100,000,000 which made it one of the most expensive games ever made of all time. Most of the money was used for research and development as well as to license the 100s of tracks available in the game. I wonder how much the next iteration will cost?

ico922891d ago

oh please can it be in San Andreas, and can they refine allot of SA elements and build on top of that, instead of taking a step backwards with that overrated borefest GTA 4.

Thecraft19892891d ago

I don't really mind if its not in SA lets just hope its more like SA. More enjoyable to 100%.

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BYE2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

They have:

- Agent
- Max Payne 3
- LA Noire

Did I miss anything?

That's a lot of games for Rockstar to develop at the same time! Let's hope they all deliever.

Edit: @ Assclown20
I know, but Agent and GTAV are both Rockstar North material. That's two huge scale games by one studio.

ECM0NEY2891d ago

Theres more then one R* team.

Coffin872890d ago

OMG Agent is R* North??
Thank you Sir for making my day.

Jellzy2891d ago

With all those studios (except 2 - 1 shutdown, 1 other localization only), it isn't really that hard to believe that they are working on all those title's simultaneously.

Although... Both GTA V and Agent are rumoured to both being developed by Rockstar North.

Masterchef20072891d ago

They have been on agent for quite a while. We probably will see something in E3 about it. I hope they do a great job with it and i hope it runs better than GTA4

Commander_TK2891d ago

Rockstar is not developing L.A. Noire. For fuck's sake people, learn the difference between developing and publishing.

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EliteDave932891d ago

About got damn time they say something about next GTA if they dont at E3 im gonna go nuts!

BYE2891d ago

I think Agent should be Rockstar North's priority for now, then GTAV. it's been announced so long ago and we didn't see anything yet.

49erguy2891d ago

And I thought 2011 was already filled to the brim with huge games.

ECM0NEY2891d ago

2011 would be awesome. 2012 is ok if it avoids a rushed product.

andron2891d ago


But I don't expect GTAV until 2012 at the earliest...

Coffin872890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Yeah, I would say early 2013 is way more likely.
Good games take TIME, and the dudes at R* always take their time.
I would expect the full next year without any word from it, and then maybe around Sept/Oct 2012 like three trailers, previews late 2012, and release early 2013.

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