8 out of 10 Nordic PS3 users online

Sweden and Iceland are leading the uptake of online services for the PlayStation 3 in Europe, with eight out of ten PS3 consumers signing up for Sony's service, according to data from Dataspelsbranschen.

Dataspelsbranschen has also revealed software sales figures for Sweden for the first six months of the year, showing that the PC is still the most popular platform, with 1.3 million games sold accounting for EUR 21.1 million.

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MrSwede3727d ago

Old news for me but it´s nice to see it making it on to N4G. PC´s pretty big here though consoles are picking up.

Caliber3727d ago

I'm from Sweden and I'm surprised to see that 80% is considered a high percentage. I thought pretty much everyone with a PS3 was online..

DeZimatoR3727d ago

Just shows how evolved the Nordic countries are ;) I bet in a not so distant future they will be some of the most powerful countries in the world.

P.S. I'm not Nordic :p

masterg3727d ago

I thought we already were .... ;o)

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