Jump on the Crysis Multiplayer Beta - Exclusive Screenshots

Just a quick heads up to let you know that last night saw the launch of the first stage of the Crysis multiplayer beta. The bad news is that it appears that the first batch of keys have already been snapped up by founder members of Fileplanet.

One lucky HEXUS member has bagged his place already. Check out his exclusive screenshots on the HEXUS.gaming forums.

The beta looks as though it will be rolled out in four stages, so you'll need to keep an eye on Fileplanet to see when the next batch of keys are released. Unfortunately, you'll also have to subscribe.

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Ghoul3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Looks good but thats it.

Honestly im a wee bit unimpressed, i know its a beta and betas have lower res textures etc. cause of the downlaod but i dunno ??? looks good but thats it.


Those videos look faaar better

now im impressed :D

VirusE3846d ago

Man that guy hardly has a slouch of a pc and he is only running it 1280 x 1024?!?!?!? Scary

Rama262853846d ago

I wish my laptop had better graphics :(

PC gaming is just too expensive....

Korosuke3846d ago

Here, HD vids

Some objects pop up and a little bit itty, but it's really impressive.

Rooted_Dust3846d ago

Yeah, The video shows the game much better than those screen shots do.

gololo3846d ago

Looks awesome....I wish I was there in that beach!!!

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