DC Universe Online Gets a Release Date

Dust off your cape: DC Universe Online has a release date. Yes, after a last minute delay pushed the MMO from Sony Online Entertainment past its original November launch, the company announced DC Universe Online is coming Jan. 11, 2011 for both PC and the PlayStation 3. If you live in the UK, look for the game on Jan. 14, 2011. Sadly, there was no word on an Australian release date.

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mike90772913d ago

Game looks like fun but idk about paying 15 bucks a month.

Redempteur2913d ago

the game is quite fun my only problem is the bad release date for my planning. if the last patched corrected the freeze i've got then i'm pretty sure i'll get it ..

ico922913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

wait doesn't LBP 2 release around that time ? 2 potentially AAA games in a month... wow

DirtyLary2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

That is really soon. Last nights patch on the PC did wonders for the game. I pray we've only seen a fraction of the connect or this games going down the same path as Global Agenda.

jneul2913d ago

hey i got the beta trial from psn+ it's very nice actually you can choose to be hero or villian and you can even choose your powers the only trouble is i think im addicted because i was up until midnight playing it last night lol

Dac2u2913d ago

The game just doesn't seem like it's ready for release yet. For the most part, I like the game, I just think it needs a lot more polish.

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Chris3992913d ago

then forces you to buy a retail copy and update all sorts of shit again. Plus games run slower off a blu-ray drive than a HDD. I've contacted Sony, the official DCUO boards and the EU, NA blogs to see if they'll release a digital download version on the PSN and no one will answer the damn question.

Buying an MMO via physical retail channels is a rather antiquated way of doing things.

jack_burt0n2913d ago

game disc has a 5gb Hdd cache when running off the BR disc, which is more than enough to enable the game to run just as quickly as the 16gb install.

Chris3992913d ago

You still have the blu-ray > hard-drive/ memory > blu-ray bottleneck. Eliminate the blu-ray part and things simply run faster. AND a direct download doesn't burn out your blu-ray drive. Constantly accessing/ updating a cache WILL. There's no reason for this game to not simply have an "unlock code" for the 18 gigs that we've already downloaded.

Not to mention that if the game is shipping in two weeks, it's already gone gold, so we'll have to download several gigs worth of patches again.

Baka-akaB2913d ago

agreed , but i'm not especially worried , they'll give the answer in the remaining weeks soon enough .

It's not as if they would fear jailbreaking , it's useless online . Nor game sharing , you can easily disable it with only one accessible profile at one time as shown so far with the beta .

Bolts2913d ago

I'm agreeing here. There's no need for the Bluray version of this game since MMOs are not static like other games.

jack_burt0n2913d ago

I am not saying that its not a good option to have it would be, but for most people 1gb downloads and mmo's are just about doable in the first place with their internet connections let alone 16gb files :)

jneul2913d ago

it will probably be a mandatory install to make it run super smooth as it is an mmo, but im loving the beta which took ages to install, but worth it lol

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Wizziokid2913d ago

seems a bit soon, I mean the beta is great but it needs work, can they do it in that time? who knows, I hope so

Chris3992913d ago

The new update fixed ALOT of things. Freezing and text size foremost, but the list of fixes was huge. Game seems faster now too (loading and streaming).

Sitris2913d ago

No wander no Aussie release date was announced, we can't even get the beta to work for more than 2 minutes and the patch has made it worse. I really want to playit haha

Wizziokid2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

new update?? when was it released, i haven't been on today.

@below well that might be it, im in the EU

Sitris2913d ago

If you live in eu then you may not have been updated.

Blaster_Master2913d ago

The new patch did fix alot of things, and also included alot of other things too. It actually looks prettier now as well. The only problem I ever had with it though was the lag in the attacks, but im sure thats gonna get fixed over time.

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ThanatosDMC2913d ago

One car explodes, more cars spawn and then those cars explode then my ps3 freezes. They need to fix that car glitch. It seems to freeze me more than being surrounded by apes that suddenly disappear from the screen and then freeze.

Yeah, hopefully they iron things out. I want to be able to see my attacks more instead of it disappearing and the lag hits which is very prevalent on the PvP server 2.

ECM0NEY2913d ago

I have it preordered for PS3. I hope they fix all that stuff before release. I need it to hold me over till at least SWTOR comes out.

clintos592913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Im kind of scared to buy it because the beta is so fun & I have like 30+ hours clocked in this last week & its my first MMO & I can see why alot of ppl can get hooked on these types of games. I think ill wait & if alot people buy it ill buy it aswell. $15 a month seems like crap but I find this beta so addicting that I dont mind aslong as the enjoyment is there.

I hope The Agency will be as fun as DC Universe. I think im starting to dig MMO's lol.

Edit: Also wanted to mention the HUGE WORLD dc universe online has. Damn ive done like 30 missions & thats nothing. Also love the fact no matter where I go, there are alot of other online super heroes everywhere & love the fact that u need their help in a few missions because youll die if u think u can just go in like rambo & kill everything by yourself. Anyways back to the beta. Love this game.

Baka-akaB2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

nah you aint digging mmos yet :p . Only something actually different for a change .

Most other mmos are a grind fest bore with very little action , worse without actuallly requiring other skills than pushing buttons at the proper moment in the proper order .

lilmetal2913d ago

Agreed, this is more of an action-oriented MMO game.
Which, I much prefer over the traditional MMORPGs.
SOE's been in this scene for a looong time.

Bolts2913d ago

Umm, this must be your first MMO. There's nothing huge about DCU's gaming world. You're just playing in a bunch of instances. If you think this is addictive then do yourself a favor and avoid the real MMOs. You'll never leave the house.

Baka-akaB2913d ago

it's hardly about the size of the world anyway imo .

The original wow had a size vastly inferior to other mmos back then . What was important is how they designed it and populated it with quests , npcs and content .

callahan092913d ago

I still haven't tried the beta. I downloaded it over the weekend on my PS3 from the PlayStation Plus part of the store, but I didn't get a chance to play it yet because it took the majority of the day to download. Once I try the beta I'll know for sure if I am going to want to buy it. But I'll be buying it on PC if I buy it.

dragonyght2913d ago

u in 4a treat tho if u gonna play make u reserve 8 hour in advances because the game gonna b*%@# slaps u 13 gig patch

callahan092913d ago

Yeah that's what I was referring to when I said it took the majority of the day to download. Already all patched and ready to go, just still haven't gotten around to it. I'll try to play it tomorrow or maybe even tonight.

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