PS3 takes home EISA Award for Best Home Entertainment gadget

When it comes to the PlayStation 3, Sony is unfazed by its detractors and is even shutting them all up by winning several awards left and right. This next one can be added to that list that will become longer, it seems, in time.

The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) has just named the console the best home entertainment gadget this year. If you are not quite familiar with EISA, let us tell you that this is quite a big organization and winning an award from it will definitely earn you a lot of respect in the realms of imaging and sound quality.

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eagle213690d ago

Many people have been taken back by how seamless setting this baby up to a home surround and HD system is. Some PS3 owners will get a welcomed surprise when they can afford to proper set this baby up. I love this system so much, my favorite gadget in years.

monkey6023690d ago

when I peo-ordered my PS3 I didnt have broadband so I didnt really look into it's features fortunately I got broadband installed shortly before the PS3 launch. So I was really surprised/pleased with amount of things it could do. My PS3 is on my room so it quickly became my stereo with streaming music, DVD player with upscaling, Internet source and thats just the beginning of it. PS3 is definitely more than I was expecting

Rythrine3690d ago

Good job Sony. I have yet to setup a good sound system to try out with my ps3 but I just got my HDTV and lair and NGS looked awesome in 1080p. I'm never going back to SDTV.

thereapersson3690d ago

The PS3 is an engineering achievement that Sony deserves to be recognized for. It's so nice not to have to be on edge about whether or not your system will last through the day.

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The story is too old to be commented.