Tetsuya Nomura Details Fabula Press Conference

Andriasang: Square Enix's big January briefing event saw a name change from "Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference" to "1st Production Department Premier" last week. But aside from the name we haven't gotten much in the way of details in terms of what product will be shown.

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j-blaze2622d ago

"Noctis will at last speak. Different from the image videos that we've seen until now, the Versus footage that's shown at the event will include actual footage from the game, said Nomura, although he warned that what we see will be before the visuals have been given a quality up"

wow awesome!! This is easily my most highly anticipated title... loved Final Fantasy XIII, but this will demolish it in every way.

Ps_alm3k2622d ago

I hate FF13!!! But versus is hitting all the right spots!

1. World map
2. Airships
3. Cool characters!
4. real time fighting!
5. Better graphics!
6. Death Gods = Summons!!
7. Better Story! ( Whats a falcie? )
8. 50 Gb of Space to utilize!!!!!!