Dead Space 2 /LittleBigPlanet 2/Mass Effect 2 demo’s from today

M2G Writes:

The PS3 is going demo crazy from today, with tasters of LittleBigPlanet 2, Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space 2 all hitting PSN, while the latter will also appear on Xbox Live.

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falloutx2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Downloading all 3 demos later
I'm especially looking foward to see what they've done with Mass Effect 2.

thereapersson2735d ago

Going to get a new bulb for my TV later this week, so I'll be stoked to play the demo of Dead Space 2.

captain-obvious2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

im already downloading a 9.5 gigs documentry
and its half way done and its taking a looooooooog tiiiiiime
now i need to download this
this going to take FOREEVER !!!1!1!11!!


RememberThe3572735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

That sucks man. I hate having to ration out my bandwidth. Just out of curiosity, what was the documentary?

Somnipotent2735d ago

bulb? still haven't moved up from DLP? sorry to hear that bro... hopefully you'll get it soon! don't want you to miss out on all the fun!

DlocDaBudSmoka2735d ago

i feel ur pain. i have a 3dHD bulb tv and thats the only part that sucks is the bulb.

thereapersson2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

I don't have a DLP from Samsung. I thought about getting a DLP, but I decided not to, since I don't really trust Samsung's reliability in their DLP sets. The control panel on my friend's DLP just went out last week; I guess it's a common issue with those models.

I own a Sony SXRD KDS-50A3000 rear projection set. It still beats a lot of the LCD tv's when it comes to black levels, color saturation, and a sharp 1080p picture. There is something about a projection set that looks more "natural", IMO. I just pop in a new bulb, and it's as bright and sharp as the day I purchased it. The current bulb I have lasted me just under 4 years, which is rather good considering for a while there, I was leaving the set on about 18 hours a day.

Some day when I have the cash, I'll pick up a new TV. But for now, this does me just fine. I don't want to hang it on the wall, so there really is no need for me to buy a flat panel set at the moment.

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Blacktric2735d ago

Demos of the three GOTY contenders of 2011 plus super awesome price drops on tons of games tomorrow (for Europe at least). God, I love PS3.

NinjaAssassin2735d ago

I am quite stoked for all three demos.

I want to try LBP2 because the first one was pretty fun and I love the music.

Mass Effect 2 I want to be able to compare it to the 360 edition I already have to see if it is worth buying again.

I want to also compare Dead Space 2 to see which console I will get it for. DS1 was the best horror game ever imo.

egidem2735d ago

This is a good day for PSN!

worldgames2735d ago

We got nothing on the Aus PSN. Shattered saw the heading and went straight to psn and nothing. I was like ah bugger only America.

Sitris2735d ago

Dude calm down, the Aussie PSN store doesn't update till Wednesday night, it will be updated tomorrow night for us. Usually like midnight but oh well.

Iamback2735d ago

u know u can create USA account and use it for this type of stuff. Downloading demos. I know i did that.

HolyOrangeCows2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

"We got nothing on the Aus PSN. Shattered saw the heading and went straight to psn and nothing. I was like ah bugger only America"

Hint: Create accounts for US and Japan, get access to almost everything.

xX TriiCKy Xx2735d ago

After you make the Japan account, anyone know how to change the language to English?

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morganfell2735d ago

I played in the DS2 beta and am so looking forward to the demo. LB2 will be cool but to really see where the game is going I need to look at the tools and we don't know what is in the demo at the moment. And of course having beaten ME twice I am looking forward to getting this, the very robust and refined looking version on the PS3.

I tend to collect guides for certain titles and Prima said they are putting out an overhauled edition for the PS3 version of ME2.

I think we may find there are a few more things in store for us as well. Really looking forward to this.

NecrumSlavery2735d ago

@ morganfell

I take it you didn;t play the LBP2 beta? I would say that the creation tools are a about as easy for noobies as in the LBP, but when you get down to the core of what they can do, you'll crap yourself. It is so deep. I dont think there is anything you cant make. I am really excited to see what the Japanese make with LBP2.

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fantasygamer2735d ago

wow all my free time might be spent on PSN all day today.

BYE2735d ago

Let's see if LBP2 lives up to its hype.

emekcrash2735d ago

It won't show you much, just two story levels and one multiplayer survival (You throw bombs at your friends, they have to dodge them and vice versa).

BYE2735d ago

It better show enough to make me wanna buy it ;D

MariaHelFutura2735d ago

LBP2 is beyond the hype. No Joke. It`ll be the highest rated game this gen when it`s all said and done.

Koolno2735d ago

You can't use youtube ?

so many videos to never again talk about "hype".

NinjaAssassin2735d ago

TBH that is the one I am looking forward to the most. I love its sci-fi/horror atmosphere reminicent of Aliens or Event Horizon.

VenomProject2735d ago

I'm still waiting on that lost-in-gaming-limbo Aliens: Colonial Marines game...That title looked quite promising, that is until we stopped hearing about it.

adrock20992735d ago

Remember when instead of getting an awesome sounding Aliens horror/RPG from Sega we got the extremely disappointing Aliens vs. Predator? That was depressing :(

showtimefolks2735d ago

played ME1 and carried my character over ot the 2nd its awsome i might still pick up ME2 since its a newer version for ps3 with updated everything

dead space 1 i bought when it was 20 and i may take the same route again. LBP2 for those who loved LBP 1 is simply awsome so enjoy i think my time for gaming starts with KZ3

i want to play dues-ex in january but that has been delayed hopefully it will still come out soon

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