Release dates LocoRoco, Pain, Snakeball and more PSN-games

Dutch website received some European release dates of the latest PlayStation Network-games, like LocoRoco Cocoreccho!, Feel Ski, Pain, WipEout HD and many more. Hit the jump to see what's in (PlayStation)Store for us this end of the year.

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GoLeafsGo3877d ago

Tuesday 11 September 2007 - Sony computer entertainment BeNeLux on the press event ' Welcome home ' some releasedata for PlayStation have today confessed networkgames made. LocoRoco Cocoreccho! the first in file is, these be will download on 20 September.

Below an overview of all games plus releasedata:
LocoRoco Cocoreccho!: 20 September
Feel ski: 4 October
Toy home: 11 October
Pixel Junk Racers: October
Snake Ball: October
WipEout HD: November
High Velocity bowling: November
Riffed (formerly Everyday's Shooter): November
Elefunk: December
Pain: December
GT5 Prologue: December
Operation Creature Feature: Trimester 3
Trials or Topaq: Trimester 3
Aqua Vita: Trimester 3
Eye Create: Trimester 3
Echochrome: Trimester 4
PlayStation home: In the middle of autumn
Little piglet Planet: Not yet confessed

We get the last couple months of this year therefore still a heap games in the PlayStation store. Prices for all games have been unfortunately not yet confessed.

Siesser3877d ago

Not that I'd question the almight Babelfish, but how can you have a fourth trimester...?

GoLeafsGo3877d ago

It's supposed to imply fourth quater (Q4; Oct-Dec), I'm assuming.

shodown193877d ago

As much as I respect Sony for trying to push original titles to the PSN, I would also like to see more online versions of good 2D franchises like on XBLA.

Either way, I definately see myself purchasing Echochrome on it's first day. Also a question for me is, I see there's a bowling game coming out, but isnt there a playable bowling game on Home?

achira3877d ago

if you want to play good old 2d games, buy a psp, you can play everything with this thing. sony is on the right way.