Kinect - Fascinating but not Feasible writes: "Kinect may be an interesting piece of tech ripe with potential but it's certainly not worth purchasing at this point in time."

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ComboBreaker2912d ago

but not worth it right now. Maybe down the road, and on the PC, with a hardware camera upgrade.

Smootherkuzz2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

My Kinect is on fire dude and worth every penny,no video game gear is feasible because you can do with out it.So what is you point?Lets find something else to bitch about and give a bad name like 1080P HD LCD TV's that are not worth the high price that we are forced to pay to get screen burn, I own two brands and they both have got screen burn 32" panasonic an 52" sony.Buy a 3D Tv? I would have to be madd krazy.