Why I don't want a Kinect for Christmas

TechRadar - Opinion: Kinect's controls feel more limited than a primitive controller.

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but its techradar? wow i thought they liked kinect

Godmars2902889d ago

They probably like Kinect Hacks, but not its actual implication on the system and games its suppose to be used on.

egidem2889d ago

Who are we kidding? Kinect hacks are awesome.

2889d ago
Godmars2902889d ago

Give what a year? Before they have software updates for Kinect to do some of the hacks done on PC, or before they're put into an actual game? Because they're not the same thing. With one dependent on the other.

yess2889d ago

There is one thing that i really don't understand.
Why did MS advertice the s*** out of kinnect, without supporting games.

It's just wierd,, and the risk of failure, cause people get borred is high without games, or should i say good games.
Or are they just luaghing all the way down to the bank, cause people bought on advertisment and some small promise alone.

ComboBreaker2889d ago

It's basically more limited than a primitive controller. The only thing it is good for is dancing games. And if you're going to dance, might as well go to the club or something.

LoydX-mas2889d ago

"go to the club or something".....yeah,that will work for someone under the age of 21.

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MmaFanQc2889d ago

"Why I don't want a Kinect for Christmas"

because i already have it and im already bored the fuck out with dance central(aka THE best kinect game available)

Pixel_Enemy2889d ago

Gets boring after about a week tbh.

DERKADER2889d ago

I tried my friends Kinect for a day and it was fun and worked better than I expected but just like the Wii or any motion gaming device for that matter it gets old after that first initial wow factor.

crillinFLIP3372889d ago

*stands and applauds

Well done, finally a website that has the [email protected]!!$ to say that kinect is an overhyped and poorly preforming product. I was beginning to think that M$ had been paying everyone off for all the good press...

FragMnTagM2889d ago

derp derp. There has been more bad press than anything, where the hell have you been?

ct032889d ago

<<You can't feel like a master swordsman just by clenching one fist and waving it.>>

But you can if you mash buttons on a game controller? The author doesn't even make sense.

Parapraxis2889d ago

Actually, since the author is talking about motion controls, specifically Kinect, he does make sense.

Cratos87802889d ago

You can feel like a master swordsman with a Move in your hand.

ct032889d ago

If a Move makes you feel like a master swordsman, then grab a broomstick with kinect. Jeez.

Silver3602889d ago

Same problem here as with as with almost everywhere else in life today. The author of this article has no patience. It takes time for people to understand new technology. The developers and programmers have to come up with new ideas and ways of implementing them on motion control systems. Why is he expecting to play his FPS with motion controls? It is not needed, the control pad does that very well. The modern control pad has anywhere from 21 to 25 buttons to press. Those of us who play games all the time find the control schemes easy, imagine the learning curve for someone new. Someone is spawn camping on you and you have to learn 25 buttons while getting shot in the back. Not easy. ( yes counting every direction on analog and D-pad and that they can be pushed in). Motion controls are like training wheels for newbie gamers. It let's them get in and have fun without having to think about it.

strickers2889d ago

They always thought Move was better FOR GAMES.He's making the points some of us have said all along.

fullmetal2972889d ago

I'm really tired of hearing the word "hack" to describe the transition of Kinect to the PC. It is more like homebrew made for the Kinect.

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Agent-862889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Certainly can't disagree with the author and his reasoning. Pretty much sums up what I think of the tech. I'll stick with my mouse/keyboard for PC gaming and standard controller for console games (plus the occasional peripheral like a steering wheel for a racing game).

Mustang300C20122889d ago

Yeah your right. I will stick with Kinect and still have no problem playing my gaming PC and 360/PS3 with a controller.

aaron58292889d ago

Cool !

Enjoy your kinect...

While i enjoy my GT5, with my steering wheel.


ECM0NEY2889d ago

Im a big fan of Dance Central but not $150 plus game fan.

DanteKnightsTemplar2889d ago

I agree with the author. Kinect is great, but full body for controlling.. Not yet. Kinect+a move type of controller would be the epic-est thing ever.

crillinFLIP3372889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

so basically you want the Move then, since it already has a camera that will track you? lol

Armyntt2889d ago

Dude, really? Im not a big fan of kinect myself. But if your still comparing the eye to kinect your way off base. Both are cameras thats it. I mean look at all the youtube vid's. How many eye youtube vid's are there? Now im not standing up for the kinect here by any stretch im saying this to stop the ignorance.

strickers2889d ago

Comparing Kinect to Move is way off base you mean,yet some people can't seem to get the idea that Move is a better controller for games and will be long term.

crillinFLIP3372888d ago

@ Armyntt

The guy above said he wants a Kinect+ a move type controller. the PSEye already tracks the Move controller 1:1 in 3-D space just like the Kinect tracks a player. And the PSEye will track you as that's been shown numerous times (even though it's on a 2-D plane) That's all I was comparing, obviously we all know that kinect is capable of some pretty amazing feats but how many (if any) of those hacks from the youtube vids will actually make it into a game? I'd like to say they will but...

JoeReno2889d ago

So you want a "you ARE (kinda) the controller (plus $60 add on MSRP does not include tax or shipping and handling, no special promotions, all offers are subject to blah blah) sort of experence huh?

Revvin2889d ago

I think you're always going to be disappointed if you buy Move or Kinect expecting it to transform your gaming world. I have both motion systems and bought them for the extra fun they ADD to my existing gaming habits not to radically transform them. I think that’s why the writer of the article is disappointed because he wants Kinect to do and be everything and its just not going to be able to do that.

I disagree that holding out your fist as if to hold a sword won't feel right, if the game is immersing you then it will not matter about having something in your hand and then the technology does what its meant to do and track your body. If it mattered that much hold a banana!

Games like Kinect Sports and Sports Champions are great fun alone and with family with Kinect sports having the added benefit of online play across XBOX Live. My daughter left home to live in London leaving my wife and I hundreds of miles away but setting up a party chat and the game almost felt like we were gaming in the same room laughing and joking at each others poor bowling skills.

I've tried Playstation Move with MAG, I didn't gel with it. I know many have but for me the controller is still king. The same goes for driving. Joy Ride is fun but when I jump behind the wheel in Forza 3 or GT5 I'll be using my steering wheel and pedals. You have to use the right tools for the job.

jack_burt0n2889d ago

i dont know about that, RTS has never been viable on consoles until now with move, same with adding a huge ammount to things like re5, timecrisis.

And the device has the best sports motion game on the market, and the best puzzle game tumble.

I am happy with my £40 investment it has changed the way i play.

PrettyinPurple2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Time Crisis with the MOVE?
The only reason why we have to put up with that crap is 'cause we can no longer use the old Light Gun tech on these new televisions. Seriously, justifying just isn't the same as pointing at a specific area of the screen no matter what TV you have.

Anyway, the Kinect isn't supposed to make everything feel more "realistic", it's meant to be fun and different. It's different, and yeah, it's fun. If you prefer using controllers then "GOOD FOR YOU".

ct032889d ago

RTS with Move? Are you for real? Maybe RTS "extra light".

Revvin2889d ago

I've always thought RTS worked ok on a joypad. Realistically all you are replacing is a mouse with two buttons so the extra analogue stick and buttons on the joypad can easily be put to use controlling command menu's that keyboard shortcuts would give on a PC. I'm not saying Move wouldn't work, I agree with you that it would but as intuituve as a joypad? perhaps not.

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