GamesRadar:Three rubbish games that would benefit from the Lair treatment

You might have heard about Lair being a bit rubs. You might have read thier 5/10 review. And you might also have seen that Sony and developer Factor 5 weren't pleased - reacting to the many paltry scores by issuing a 'reviewer's guide' to the tragically disappointing dragon-riding actioner. To which your response may have been "What the f-!?"

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Stella3878d ago

Another idiotic article.


Nth RooCH3878d ago

I liked the writing style. Wasn't terribly heavy on content, but a good level of sardony.

RadientFlux3878d ago

amusing I espically like Sonic The Hedgehog part

felidae3878d ago

i think it's enough of articles about how bad Lair is.

there are too many people out there who say that it's an amazing game.

so please, just shut up GamesRadar!

SWORDF1SH3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

i dont kno to much about gamesradar but this article shows that there anti sony so i dont think i can trust there score they gave lair. im not sayin lair is a good or bad game but articles like this are jus plain stupid. games radar are defently not to be trusted. instead ill stick to reviews i can trust like who are completely straight as a die when it come to reviews for all consoles.
edit: jus seen the gt review and it gave lair a 6/10. its only 1 higher than the gr review but i kno it hasnt been twisted or it aint biased

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The story is too old to be commented.