Tales of Xillia scans

Check out 7 pages of Tales of Xillia from this week's Famitsu.

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FlyWestbrook2715d ago

Chalk up another no Tales game for US.

Genki-JAM2715d ago

If there's one thing the Tales games always get right, it's the beautiful cel-shading. I love it.

Bravo42715d ago

I'm not looking at any screens as long as it isn't announced that its going Stateside. Its just going to make the feeling of missing out on another beautiful Tales game, worse.

Spenok2715d ago

This game looks great, its just sad that we will most likely never see it in the states :/

Redempteur2715d ago

Very impressed .. don't care about the stupid scamco america , because this one will be imported ...