SNK Titles on Sale for PlayStation Plus and SEGA Holiday Sale Starts Tomorrow

PS Blog: As the holidays inch closer, the PlayStation Store decided to partner with two publishers who shaped many gamers’ youths –SNK and SEGA. Both have released some of most noteworthy titles of the 1990s, including Sonic the Hedgehog and King of Fighters. SEGA has done a great job of bringing some of their most popular titles along with revitalizing one of our favorite blue hedgehogs and now SNK is following in their footsteps.

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scar202794d ago

Metal slug metal slug metal slug nuff said.

bviperz2794d ago

Aw snap, this going to be a SWEET Christmas vacation!

thrashermario2794d ago

metal slug and vida guerra

callahan092794d ago

Getting Valkyria Chronicles 2. That is all.

Esena2794d ago

That Valkyria Chronicles II deal is too good to pass up. I know I told myself I am not going to buy anymore games for awhile until a dwindle down this nice stack of games but man, 60% off.... :)

Ascalon942794d ago

hmm i wish i could get a physical copy of Valkyria