COD4 Named "Best First Person Shooter Coming for PC, PS3 and X360" and other game previews from AAC

Cinematic shooter Call of Duty 4 stole the show at this week's annual Activate Asia conference.

Grant Collier, President of Call of Duty creators Infinity Ward, opened Activate by reiterating his lofty goal of creating the best first person shooter available on each of the game's three platforms - PS3, 360 and PC.

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resistance1003846d ago

Interesting. However HAZE and UT3 are higher up on my list than this and don't think i will bother with it as im not a huge COD fan

Retro-Virus3846d ago

I was thinking the same thing, only until I got into the BETA and that changed my perception.

Trust me, COD-4 is THE GAME dude. Try registering for the BETA. Can't wait for this game.

This game is DOPE :)

Hugh Hefner3846d ago

He can't get into the Beta from his PS3

achira3846d ago

retrovirus. the problem is you didnt play the other two games so you cant comment on which game is better. for me this is no problem, i will buy all three. but i think ut3 will be the best of the three.

resistance1003846d ago

@Hugh Hefner

I have a 360, i will try and get one of those beta keys and will be optimistic until i play it, however for now HAZE and UT3 top the list for shooters i want the most

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rev203846d ago

After getting in the beta and playing it last night, i was a little surprised after seeing the trailers and the gameplay footage which looked sooo good.

When i was playing it, just didnt seem as great as it had been shown to be dont get me wrong its a great game, but graphically its not as impressive as i imagined.

I know its only a beta, but i dont see it improving that drastically it is a very nice looking game though

Premonition3846d ago

I hope you know when theres a multiplayer in any game the graphics are downgraded vs what it looks like in single player.

TriggerHappy3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

COD4 does look interesting both graphically and game play wise so am not really surprised about the title. However, Haze and UT3 should do very well. UT3 is a guaranteed hit.

Stella3846d ago

Graphically mediocre WW2 game.


Hugh Hefner3846d ago

Stella... you poor troll... COD 4 is NOT a WW2 game, but a modern combat type of game. Where have you been???


well he just proved to the rest of us how totally uninformed he is on the whole subject.

infact i dare say he has not even seen the game ( screen shot or video ) after all if he had he would know it is not a WW2 shooter.

my guess is that he has some kind of sleeping disorder. All he seems to do is " yawn "...

Hugh Hefner3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Please, COD 4 looks LEAGUES above Haze. All Sony fanboys are only hyping Haze because it is exclusive to the PS3. I have both a PS3 and a 360, and I would never choose Haze over the great game that COD 4 will be (those that have gotten in the beta can testify on this).

If you, Sony fanboys, choose Haze over COD 4, and COD 4 experiences bad sales on the PS3 then that would only send the wrong signals to multi-plat developers, who might start prioritizing the 360 more or drop support for the PS3 after all.

rev203846d ago

I forgot we had all played the haze in our console's lol

cod 4 is nice the beta is kool but pretty boring and reptitive due to the lack of maps on it.

Dont compare it to a game that you havent even played yourself yet because all the video's showed cod4 as unbelievable gfx etc. When you actually play it for yourself yeh its damn nice, but not that nice

resistance1003846d ago

@ Hugh Hefner

the key word in your post is 'LOOKS'

HAZE is getting my vote for now due to the decent looking story, which is rare in most FPS. Plus its developed by Free Radical

Hugh Hefner3846d ago

Of course I haven't played Haze, but judging from the videos released, it looks mediocre.

leon763846d ago

"Please, COD 4 looks LEAGUES above Halo3. All Xbox fanboys are only hyping Halo3 because it is exclusive to the Xbox360. I have both a PS3 and a 360, and I would never choose Halo3 over the great game that COD 4 will be (those that have gotten in the beta can testify on this)." - that is what you need to say!!!!

Hugh Hefner3846d ago

I know I should have stoped there... but it kind of puzzles me the amount of Sony fanboys dissing COD 4, a great and proven franchise, and just come up with HAZE FTW!!! It just shows you that the level of fanboyism experienced in this console war is unprecedented.

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