The Games of 2010 That We Wish We Never Played

UGO: Oh, man, we saw some utter crap hit our consoles this year. Here are the eleven games that made me want to give up gaming forever.

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-Mezzo-2712d ago

LAMO- Heavy Rain on #1, UGO should seriously just ditch the (Games) section from their site.

Heavy Rain was one unique experience that i really enjoyed. 3 times.

LordMarius2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

fishing for hits

"Heavy Rain is a bad game and David Cage is a fruitbag. There, I said it. For all the praise that this clumsy, weird, incompetently plotted adventure game got in 2010, you'd think video games just got their Citizen Kane. Instead, we got an (admittedly well-designed) interface upgrade for quick time events (there they are again) grafted onto a story that would make CSI: Miami's showrunner blush. But the real problem with Heavy Rain is this: it's not a game. It's a bunch of cutscenes that you stumble through without any agency. Take the game's (rightly) mocked opening, where your son Jason gets hit by a car. What's the point of controlling Ethan in this scene? You can't stop the accident. Nothing you do has any effect on the rest of the game. It's bad design that fooled credulous jerks."

NotChrisHansen2712d ago

Call Of Duty does that too when you can't control your characters to do anything

Calm Down Sunshine2712d ago

He's right to SOME degree, but only about the lack of real choices in the game.

Nothing you do up until the last few scenes changes how the game plays out.

Yes you can kill off the odd character, but it doesn't send you down a different path after doing so, all actions early on lead you to the same conclusion.

He isn't, however, right to have put it on this list.

Fishing for hits, as you say.

HungryGoku2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

@lord meant to agree Heavy Rain isn't a game but it's very good and hooks you in when I first bought that game was playing for a whole week nonstop to see everything it was quite addicting for me.

I called it a game because it is one but doesn't feel like one it's something special I'm not going to call this guy a douche but I disagree with him about it being bad no way.

About Ethan's son dying losing a family member can't be controlled that part is genious and so true.

thereapersson2712d ago

This fool-ass troll comes along and upsets the balance once more.

LordMarius2712d ago

I dont care if its labeled a game, movie, or what have you, I just know that my experience with Heavy Rain was quite unique something that I had never done before with any other type of medium and for that I wouldnt put it in any bad list.... well except the script since it did have plot holes

hay2712d ago

@thereapersson: Just laugh and move on.

Author says it's a bad game but the way he justifies it says he just didn't like it. And another "Bravo" for gaming "journalism".

I_find_it_funny2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

lol HR, pathetic

hesido2712d ago

The shopping mall scene in heavy rain wasn't so that we could save the child, it would be foolish to ask that from the game. What it does, instead, was to put you in the shoes of a desperate father trying to find his son in such a setting. It was up to you to call Jason as many times as you can.

A friend played the game and his ending was totally different from mine.

Calm Down Sunshine2712d ago

@ the people disagreeing with my earlier comment and dashing in to the night..

What exactly is incorrect about what I said?

Try it out for yourself, nothing you do in that game sends you down a different path.

cobpswii36002712d ago

This pisses me off cause Heavy Rain is my personal GOTY. I thought it was amazing.

Qui-Gon Jim2712d ago

"What's the point of controlling Ethan in this scene? You can't stop the accident. Nothing you do has any effect on the rest of the game."

That's the point. Not everything you do in life will affect the outcome. We all do things everyday that will forever be forgotten thirty seconds later. We have no way of knowing what things will affect, though, and that is the thing that Heavy Rain is getting across.

...forget it. At this point, the people who don't "get" Heavy Rain never will, so it's pointless to argue with them.

acedoh2712d ago

I think that is exactly what Heavy Rain did so well because life after all is a series of quick time events. Think of it this way. Everyday we make decisions and many are unimportant but some can have a serious effect on our day, week, year, or even life. I think Heavy Rain put us into the shoes of several characters very well. It was very easy to get into the game with the mood that was presented.

Calm Down Sunshine2712d ago

Qui-Gon Jim, that's because there's nothing to get.

It's not a bad game by any stretch, but it's not what was promised. Which was a game that changed course depending on the decisions you make throughout it.

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crillinFLIP3372712d ago

Wow... flame bait much?

Heavy Rain was the best game I played this year and the most emotional connection I've felt to a digital character (or characters as the case may be) since the ending to MGS4.

DanteKnightsTemplar2712d ago

MGS4 was deeep. And was a tough act to follow and I think Heavy Rain did awrite.

Echo3072712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Wow. Heavy Rain? Castlevania? Sonic 4? Black Ops? Those are all games that received truckloads of praise from the critics.

No, not everyone liked them all but to put that many big games in this list and trash them to no end does raise an eyebrow.

I'm not saying he's fishing for hits... maybe he just has bad taste.

Blacktric2712d ago

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow? Heavy Rain? GTFO! I agree on AvP though. The worst game I've played this year. Thank God I bought it while it was 5 bucks on Steam.

showtimefolks2712d ago

play that and yakuza 4

i hope we see something else from heavy rain devs sony needs to just buy em like they did MM

Rocket Sauce2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Heavy Rain was an interesting idea filled with silly, nonsensical shit.

There's one scene where two cops ask a psychologist about one of his clients who is a murder suspect. The psychologist has every reason to suspect this guy is the culprit, but he doesn't help the cops because he says it wouldn't be ethical to talk about his patients...

You don't need to know anything about doctor-patient confidentiality to know how stupid that is.

LastDance2712d ago

Do you think people are going to talk openly to a psychologist if they know he goes around telling people everything he hears?

There are some VERY famous cases where this was in-fact the case..but you...real life is bullshit too

thor2712d ago

If you're going to point out plot inconsistencies, that was not the right one to choose lol. That's not even a problem. Yes, I understand that Heavy Rain would have flopped on its face as a film, because there is so much more quality out there in terms of scriptwriting and acting in films. But compare it to games, and you have something on another level. It is a game after all.

Rocket Sauce2712d ago

I think most people would talk openly to a psychologist who helps the police catch killers.

If your client tells you he frequently blacks out for hours and leaves you an origami figure, then the next day the cops come knocking on your door asking about an origami's not really ethical to stay quiet.

Qui-Gon Jim2712d ago

Sometimes what's right isn't always clear or agreed upon.

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CrzyFooL2712d ago

fuck this list. UGO just trolled us all for no good reason.

RememberThe3572712d ago

I agree. I said that around the time when they bought 1up. I guess the guy who submitted the story actually worked for UGO and he obviously took issue with my comment. He tried to tell me about all that they were doing to make the site better and all this other crap. That obviously was not the case because this site sucks just as bad as it always has.

UGO is a garbage site and K. Thor Jensen is a fruitbag. There, I said it.

newflesh2712d ago

Heavy rain was good, but not good enough.

eferreira2712d ago

The websites of 2010 that I wish I never clicked on


Lykon2712d ago

agreed with every single word he said about heavy rain, took the words out of my mouth. seriously, i wonder what heavy rain fans are smoking, i want a bag.

jimineyscrickets2711d ago

Another hate article. Remember: If you don't like it, you don't need complain publicly about it.

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Myst2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Wait just a few moments ago it was actually Black Ops as the picture and now it was switched to Heavy Rain?

-Edit wording-

PyReX-2712d ago

The articles of 2010 that we wished we never read.
#1 - THIS ONE!

LightSamus2712d ago

N4G is used to gain hits. By placing Heavy Rain in your image and thus notifying me that you think it was one of the worst games of 2010 without even reading the article, I'm not gonna bother to click it. Nice one.