Review: Pinball FX 2 (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Hayley Winter revisits her pool hall memories with Pinball FX 2:

"When it comes to arcades, pinball was my first love. To this day, I look back fondly on hanging out in pool halls and pinball arcades, watching people play tables and picking up tips on how the target layouts worked, while the jukebox blasted hits of the era.

"The history of Pinball video games hasn’t been very satisfying. Sure, there have been some entertaining results, but few have caught the feel of playing the real thing. Zen Studios’ 2007 Xbox 360 release Pinball FX was the first time I played an original table that got it right. They followed it up with the equally good Zen Pinball (PS3) in 2009. Now they’ve improved the formula once again with Pinball FX 2, and as a side effect gave me the urge to hear Heart’s “Barracuda” — fortunately, it supports custom soundtracks!"

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RobsteinOne2918d ago

I had no interest in this game until reading this review. Time to see how many MS points I have left...

tigresa2918d ago

Everyone on my list won't stop playing this...

Giantsquirrel2918d ago

Sorry too busy playing Pac Man lulz

Ndigity2918d ago

Crap, now I need to buy this and Pac Man...

acronkyoung2918d ago

I'll still take hunting down old pinballs on ebay. The real thing can never be recreated.

ShadowPraxis2918d ago

Yes but how much room do you have for multiple tables in your house? ;P

acronkyoung2918d ago

No room at all, actually. Still in my parents basement despite the fact I haven't lived there for over 3 years. Oh well.

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