Indie Uprising Review: Chu’s Dynasty (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Rich samples this visually striking entry into the Indie Games Winter Uprising:

"Chu’s Dynasty marks the seventh release for the Indie Games Winter Uprising. We’re more-or-less the halfway point now, and so far the games have yet to disappoint. And here we have a multiplayer fighting game that claims to be a mash-up of Super Smash Bros. and Street Fighter with time distorting special moves. That’s just got to be awesome, right? Not to mention it looks all colorful and pretty, what with the vibrant hues and slick designs. Oh yeah, this is totally another kick-ass Uprising release.


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RobsteinOne2915d ago

I suppose seeing as everyone else seems to love this game, it must just be me.

Giantsquirrel2915d ago

That's how most of your reviews should read. *ZING*

ShadowPraxis2915d ago

I thought it DID have some issues, but I didn't think it was quite as problematic as you did.

Can't deny the game's freakin' gorgeous though.

tigresa2915d ago

It looks attractive for it's value - for sure, not compared to iPhone games but yeah. I've heard it's not all that fun though.

Ndigity2915d ago

Eh, think I'll steer clear.

RogueCheddar2913d ago

The description alone makes me want to check it out.