Indie Uprising Review: Asteroids Do Concern Me (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Thomas reviews a new Indie Uprising title:

"Oh, Asteroids. Since the beginning of time you’ve been a thorn in the side of gamers. From your humble, vector-based origins in the arcade to threatening extinction-level cataclysms from on high, you’ve been there with us. And now you’ve returned to trouble us once again in the Indie Games Winter Uprising’s newest entry: Asteroids Do Concern Me."

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RobsteinOne2889d ago

But is it better than Techno Kitten Adventure?

acronkyoung2889d ago

I don't know what that is but it sounds like it'd be better. Is it related to that YouTube video of the kittens dancing in sync to the techno music? My 2 year old loves that video.

ShadowPraxis2889d ago

Still haven't played it - couldn't say.

Ndigity2889d ago

I think the title alone could convince me to play.

ShadowPraxis2889d ago

The announcer is worth the price of admission too.

RogueCheddar2888d ago

No more asteroids. please.