Xbox Live Indie-Dome: December 6th – 12th, 2010

CFD!'s Rob Rich continues pounding away at each week's crop of Xbox Live Indie Games:

"(Xbox Live Indie-Dome is a weekly feature where we sift through the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace to find the best and worst... so you don't have to!)

"Week two of the you-know-what, and we’ve got another three games to add to the list. So we’re halfway there. Not bad. Well, okay, it was a little bad. What with the Avatar screen-saver and the disproportionate fish. Still, the week’s been pretty good overall. Especially if you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to hide in bedroom shadows and feast on children. I know I have!"

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tigresa2586d ago

A Madman’s Guide To Happiness has been on my curiosity list - I think I'm about to make the plunge now. Thanks. ;D

Ndigity2586d ago

Fish Hunter all the way.

acronkyoung2586d ago

The name of that game makes me think you can shoot the fish. I'd love a fish shooting game.

RogueCheddar2584d ago

With a nice big shotgun peripheral.. yes..

RobsteinOne2584d ago

Cabela's Fish Hunter: Dangerous Hunts.

I could see playing that.