Split screen co-op is dying

Split screen co-op and local multiplayer are becoming something from the past. Games like the Halo series and Rock Band 3 sort of fill that void. What happened to cramming a bunch of gamers into a room with two TVs and doing a system link match in Halo? Where have the all night Goldeneye matches gone? Like the arcades of gamers' youth, local multiplayer and co-op bonding experience has been replaced with individual gamers and a network

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Shok2917d ago

Split-screen is awesome, and I wish devs would utilize it as much as they did back in the day. But games like Halo, Killzone 3, Conduit 2, Mario Kart, and Goldeneye Wii are still keeping it alive. If only it was in more games...

And even some of the games that have splitscreen don't have co-op splitscreen. I hate that.

-Alpha2917d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Agreed. I was so disappointed back in the beginning when games like Burnout dropped it. Then Killzone didn't have it (understandably), and Bad Company 2 didn't support it. Halo, throughout this gen, was the only series to ever support it so strongly and to the max (4 player, with custom games and full online support with personal log ins)

But I think Split-screen is doing well now. Glad Killzone is supporting it, hoping they give us split-screen MP. If they can do co-op offline then they can do co-op online and MP. I'm just waiting for that to be revealed. Resistance and Halo have always supported it along with COD.

Now I see Killzone jumping in and I'm sure Uncharted will follow. Those two games are big for me.

I loved Bungie for the longest time because of it. They are awesome for supporting 4 player split-screen and they stuck through. A lot of multiplayer games are bringing back the social fun of local multiplayer and I'm so proud because it was indeed being shafted constantly and it's by far one of my favorite features.

Killzone 3
Uncharted 3 (hopefully)

Waiting for Bad Company 3 and a new Burnout game to jump in. The new SSX game BETTER have it!

DORMIN2916d ago

X-men Arcade's 6 player local co-op on PS3 says "Hai"

TheLastGuardian2916d ago

It shouldn't die. Split screen co-op can be really fun.

peowpeow2916d ago

Gears of War co-op splitscreen! That and halo are my best early 360 memories. Played both with a best friend many times over :)

Timesplitter142916d ago

There are more split-screen games this gen than last gen. I think the situation is improving

toaster2916d ago

Wat... you sure you played games last gen? There were significantly more splitscreen games then.

ReservoirDog3162916d ago

Well I wouldn't say that. But there has been more split screen co op games lately.

mastiffchild2916d ago

There were more games with splitscreen last gen than at the start of this gen but , lately, devs have listened and it's making a comeback-the article is about a year late imho.

Halo, MK and Resistance always kept the flag flying but just recently things seem to be taking a more splitscren friendly route-maybe because we asked for more and/or maybe because devs are now more comfy with the hardware and their visuals taking a little hit due to splitting? IDK.

Vherostar2916d ago

I prefer split screen to online as do most gamers it seems as I reckon that's why wii is doing so damn well. Nothing better than 4 player timesplitters or 8 player Mario Kart DD. Oh the fun I had playing those! No game since then has been able to match them in terms of entertainment.

Koolno2916d ago

Split screen is ugly (visualy), online coop is much better..

but if some people are happy with it, good for them...

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jha12232917d ago

I think it's a little ironic too that as average screen size has gone up, it seems that split screen co-op has gone down.

Alternatively, and this may be due to me getting older, but I rarely invite people over to game. It's more convenient to just hop on and MP. As online MP has gotten better (availability not quality), maybe the need for SS co-op is diminishing?

That's not to say that there aren't a number of people that still desire it, just that dev time is not seen as profitable on co-op perhaps?

kube002917d ago

I truly miss games like Twisted Metal 2 and the original Halo

TheLastGuardian2916d ago

I had countless hours of fun playing Twisted Metal games on the couch with my buddies back in the day. Good news for us TM fans. The new Twisted Metal will have the same classic gameplay, and it's confirmed to support splitscreen co-op, as well as two and four-player multiplayer offline, two-player splitscreen online and as many as 16-players online. I couldn't be more excited.

Christopher2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I honestly haven't utilized split-screen co-op since the days of the original GoldenEye 007. Though I have played a good number of non-split-screen co-op games (Lego, LBP, etc.).

As to why it's going away? Most people play online and not with another person sitting next to them. Back in the day when the Internet wasn't available, it was very common to play with others at the same time. Now? I can completely see how the focus is put on the most used features.

gcolley2917d ago

one reason no body ever says is widescreen was the begining of the end, especially for FPS. both horizontal and verticle widescreen split-screen sucked compared to horizontal split-screen in 4:3. then there were games that didnt give you a choice and the whole thing just went away.

that and online gaming of course. but that was the beginning for me.

doesn't leave parents anywhere to go but buying another console and TV for the kids.

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