Guitar Hero III Coming to PC and Mac

For the past two years, PS2 and Xbox 360 owners have had the Guitar Hero series all to themselves. With the next installment already announced to expand the PS3 and Wii, developer Aspyr -- which has a history porting Activision games -- has announced that it's working on ports of the upcoming Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the Windows and Mac platforms, due to ship this fall.

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FFVIIFan3846d ago

They just have to make it for the NGage and it will be for every system.

socomnick3846d ago

This is great that means someones going to be making free downloadable tracks for it.

Salvadore3845d ago

Bye, bye frets of fire and welcome GH 3.

Syko3845d ago

Oh man this is going to have the largest MOD scene following EVAR!! I can't wait till this comes out and is completely cracked after a month or so. Any song you ever wanted to play will be available somewhere in the internet. Brilliant. I thought they would never do it just for this reason. But it looks like Activision is going to ride this money pony into the ground.

vickers5003845d ago

Perfect chance for cross-platform play between either the 360 and pc or the ps3 and pc. This is great news btw.