Gears of War 3 maps will be brighter, thanks to Gears 2 data

"Gears of War 3 senior gameplay designer, Lee Perry, has revealed a surprising trend in the gameplay habits of Gears-heads. He told OXM UK that the most-played Gears 2 maps have one thing in common: They're bright."

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Kalowest2886d ago

I liked the dark and dreary maps in GeoW2

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ReservoirDog3162886d ago

I could never understand why people say GeoW2. Why not Gears 2? GeoW2 just looks wrong.

NoBias2886d ago

Yeah, it looks like Geometry Wars 2 to me.

DigitalRaptor2886d ago

That's because GOW stands for God of War, which came first.

Trytobee12886d ago

I agree Gears 2 looks better.

ReservoirDog3162886d ago

Well yeah, GOW is unquestionably God of War but why can't Gears of War 3 be just Gears 3?

Lich1202886d ago

Haha I never liked seeing GeoW2 but now that you've pointed out the geometry wars thing Ill never be able to not see that.

guigsy2886d ago

Type in GOW on google and see what comes up first.

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scofios2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

there is zero reason to compare Uncharted to Gears .
I agree , but to bring killzone into discussion wasn't necessary either .

Soldierone2886d ago

I see Uncharted as understandable to an extent since its third person action games. However its always been Resistance vs Gears and should stay that way.

To me this comment shows Epic is probably going to make the same mistakes Insomniac did with Resistance 2. There is a differnce between adding tone and color, instead of just brighter enviroments.

FinalSpartan2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Gears Of War 3 going to be epic, Also a gray art style it started and followed suit by many games this gen, now its showing its not only grey and brown tones. Its going to have some colour! the vegetation looks awesome.

Seems to be the best looking Xbox 360 game :D This will be big game. Hope Killzone 3 follows the leader, as Killzone 2 was greyness to death.

More varied enviroments would be nice. Imagine a forest with Killzone graphics? holy....i doubt they can even pull that off... so far we seen a snow level a good change but more varied enviroments dark and colourful would be nice.

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R_aVe_N2886d ago

I have high hopes for Gears 3. I did like the dark maps of Gears 1-2 though. Not every game has to be bright and colorful. The gloom just fit the game world just like Killzone. One of the many game next year that I will be picking up.

R2D22886d ago

But this chapter takes place some where else - Jancinto is under water and I think human kind is looking for a new home - I predict that Marcus and Dom are going to die in Gears 3 and since majority vsoted for Clay Carmine to stay alive they will make hime a total bas a$$ and become a spin off.

Cherchez La Ghost2886d ago

Don't make all the maps bright. And please fix sticking to every wall when I run.

AKissFromDaddy2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

I hope they return them to the original Gears of War lighting. However, I love the darkest map on Gears 1 with the Kryll in the background. I don't experience much night maps. There aren't a lot of nighttime competitive maps in shooters, smh.

ct032886d ago

<<they're "movie dark," he explained. "It just means they're more blue than dark.">>

"Movie dark" isn't about blue for black (maybe it was 20 years ago). It's about blackness but pools of light in various spots.

Even night scenes in modern movies always have areas of the image that are very bright. Instead of a mushy darkness everywhere, there is high contrast. The developers should really just take a look at the Mass Effect games to see what modern film lighting looks like.

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