GameTrailers: Game of the Year Awards 2010 - Best Puzzle Game

These puzzlers picked our brains throughout 2010, but which one will walk away with the title of best? Find out in the GameTrailers Game of the Year Award for Best Puzzle Game!

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Yi-Long2864d ago

... how the hell can ilomilo be missing from a 'best puzzle game' list!?!?

units2864d ago

ilomilo isnt out till 2010

Yi-Long2864d ago

... although I'm sure you meant 2011, so I'll respond anyway: It IS out. I and many other already bought it. And it's absolutely fantastic!

So for me and all those other people who already have it, it's a 2010 release, and thus should be on this list.

Washington-Capitals2864d ago

I can predict GOTY for GT is going to be blackops. *sigh*

showtimefolks2863d ago

if its up to them call of duty-black ops would be the best puzzle game of all time


Iamback2864d ago

i can't stomach Gt any more. They are such corporate run site, from Shane the snake, MArcus the douche and rest of those red necks, ugh

HolyOrangeCows2864d ago

The best content on GT isn't even made by GT; Screwattack, AVGN, EpicBattleCry.

The last of the crew that weren't xbox-bias morons left.

The only good thing about that site is some of the community with private factions.

Infernostew2864d ago

Puzzle Agent didn't even get nominated? what a joke!

Venox20082863d ago

great choice, great game :) number two should be Professor layton, third - Picross 3D