Uncharted gets firm US date

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune will be released on 20th November in the US and is still down for release this Christmas in Europe.

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PS360WII3847d ago

alright! This game is one of the top games I'm waiting for this year. Hope it's all that it can be. I have it pre-ordered and only waiting for the day it comes out

Baba19063847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

yay looks cool. hope EU will get it soon too.

looks like this is the EU release:

5.12.07: Uncharted: Drakes Schicksal

bung tickler3847d ago

"Schicksal" <- wtf is that?

monkey6023847d ago

"Schicksal" <- wtf is that?"

I think it's German for Fortune

lonestarmt3847d ago

this looks like a great action/adventure title. Looks better each time I see it. Naughty dog always comes through!! Drake could be a new franchise on the ps3!!

RadientFlux3847d ago

wow 2 possible GOTY being released in the same week... now the big question is what to play first. Mass Effect or Uncharted

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The story is too old to be commented.