New Leaked UT3 Screens - New Character ?

Following the announcement of a possible delay of UT3's launch this year, a few images has been leaked showing never before seen character.

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yocdub3908d ago

These were shown in the latest PSM mag with UT3 cover story. So its not so new.

Rowland3908d ago

Do you know if it's been posted here ? - if it has please let me know & I'll delete it...


Rowland3908d ago

You are wasting so many peoples (& your own) time with your numerous & often petty reporting.

You need to consider your reports much more carefully. You make good points sometimes but you also make mistakes, and your refusal to acknowledge them & your arrogant, condescending & 'superior' tone is pissing people off. You are also severely lacking when people appeal against your reporting with good points of their own. You could show some manners & good grace & accept other points of view occasionally.

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achira3908d ago

awesome screenshots, i hope this game will look like this.

rushbd3908d ago

WTF!?!! People are talking this very far. EPIC is always like that. EPIC never confirms a release date untill their product is gold. They always say ," It'll be released when it's done ." And this becomes an "Announcement of possible delay?!?!"


id dot entity3908d ago

This game is going to be awesome!

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