Indie Games Uprising Review: Chu's Dynasty (Spawn Kill)

When you first look at the trailer for TribeToy’s indie fighter, Chu’s Dynasty, you can’t help but feel excited. The game looks incredible, and with boasts of having “the strategic fighting of Street Fighter with the multi-tiered four-player mayhem of Super Smash Bros,” the game appears to have achieved greatness. But did TribeToy deliver on their promise? Or does Chu’s Dynasty follow the style-over-substance road that so many games in this generation seem to walk down?

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Drachaus2707d ago

That trailer is VERY misleading. :( Sad.

Snarkasaur2707d ago

I completely know that feeling of just not having fun, no matter how much you want to like the game. Too bad too. It looks so pretty.

rrquinta2707d ago

Yeah, it's always hard when you can't find any technical fault with the game, but you just can't get into it.

fonzii2707d ago

Yeah it was hard reviewing this when I wanted to like it so much =/ But hopefully the next update will change my point of view on it! I still have hope for it.