What Makes a Good Zelda Game?

The last two console Zelda games have been met with many criticisms; one for changing too much and one for not changing enough. Since Twilight Princess, the series began to wain in its ability to excite me into embarking on another quest in Hyrule. Will Skyward Sword follow the trend or bring something new to the series?

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Gr812917d ago

That's a great question..I will start with what I don't think is essential in a Zelda game. And that is excessive story (but that is gripe I have with many modern games)A good Zelda game, to me is one that gives the player the feeling of growth, and accomplishment. And in some instances, isolation.

Also, I feel that we as the player should have choices. We shouldn't have a linear path, much like the NES Zelda, you weren't told to go any where, the choice was yours and your skills were tested. Many modern Zelda's miss this.

The world must be vast and filled with bad ass enemies.

That's pretty much all I got right now...But trust me all these things while simple in theory are huge tasks to accomplish in reality. I hope Skyward Sword takes Zelda back to its roots, while at the same time pushing the series forward, like an ebb tide I suppose.

Take this, its dangerous to go alone ; )

ChickeyCantor2916d ago

Im not really fond of having to much freedom in games.
I want them to deliver an adventure and let the story drag me in ( no matter how simplistic it is).

I do believe path-branching is awesome, GTA like style is not really my cup of tea.

Zelda is just different than lots of other adventure games, it always feels unique to me.