Few puzzles games are as satisfying and challenging as those in the echochrome series.

The original echochrome, released for the PS3 and PSP, introduced gamers to a world in which reality was based on what you saw in that moment. The Escher-painting inspired puzzles were challenging and entertaining, and always satisfying when solved. echoshift came to the PSP not long after, and now Sony is making good use of the Move controller to bring us echochome ii for the PS3.

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-Alpha2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Sounds great, the original was very unique and really had such a great take on the genre. Was worried after reading IGN's review.

I want a Move for this and am glad to hear that the game is challenging. Definitely very different from the original though, but that's a good thing considering that I can't seem to think of how the original could have been pushed with the way it was.

Dante1122743d ago

Yeah, the first echochrome was a pain. Lol, the last few puzzles in the first took me quite a bit of time to finish.