Analyst: PS3 Sales Will Be Major Driver For Blu-ray

This one may come as a no-brainer, but PS3 sales are going to be a "major driver" in the success of Blu-ray. This news comes by way of Mike Vorhaus, Managing Director at Frank N. Magid Associates.

"Based on the large number of consumers that have used their PS2 for playing movies, we believe that many will continue to use their PlayStation 3 for playing DVDs as well and that the Blu-ray device will eventually become a major driver for consumer purchase of the console as the format takes hold."

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ceedubya93847d ago

I rarely play blu-ray movies, or even dvd movies on my PS3. I'd rather save it for games.

calderra3847d ago

Welcome to last year, Mr. Mike Vorhaus!

GoLeafsGo3847d ago

This **** was posted already.
Does NO ONE follow posting guidelines anymore?

QUNE3847d ago

That person is a genius!

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The story is too old to be commented.