5 PS3 3D Games That Will Make You Buy a 3D TV in 2011

TQcast writes Are there enough video games in 3D, let alone “good” games in 3D to justify a 3D TV purchase? Check out 5 PS3 3D games that might encourage you to buy a 3D TV in 2011.

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NYC_Gamer2889d ago

i'll buy one soon as it becomes standard with out glasses

ComboBreaker2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

That's the game that'll make 3D worth it.

Millions of peoples will buy a 3D HDTV just to play a PS2 game in 3D, in HD. That's how good Shadow of the Collossus is.

deadreckoning6662889d ago

"Millions of peoples will buy a 3D HDTV just to play a PS2 game in 3D, in HD. That's how good Shadow of the Collossus is."

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Bubbles for that dude.

cemelc2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )


You really havent played shadow of the colossus?? i pity you: Even if you did played and still laugh of it, then you my frind you dont know what a good game is, so i still pity you.

Perhaps it will not sell millions but that is one game you cant laugh at. Shame on you.

Boody-Bandit2889d ago

3D is amazing glasses or not.
Avatar is mind blowing on BluRay 3D. I think I am the only person I know that has yet to make the jump to 3D. I am literally days away though. It's either between the Pansonic VT25 or the Sony LX900.

GT5 is pretty freaking awesome in 3D as well.

Bolts2889d ago

Sony LX900, damn nice. Make sure you get a good standalone 3D Bluray player to go along with that. The PS3 can do 3D but for some reason it drops the audio quality to do it so the sound isn't "lostless" with Bluray.

Dac2u2889d ago

I can't wait to play Shadow of the Colossus in 3d and Uncharted 3. I'm looking forward to Crysis 2 as well, but only for the PC. I have to get some use out of the GTX 570 I'm about to upgrade to.

Bolts2889d ago

LOL I'm getting hardware envy here. One guy is getting a LX900 the other is getting a GTX 570.

*Looks at my GTX 285 in shame*

I'm definitely upgrading next year.

On the bright side my 55" HX800 is better than the other guy's LX900. The HX series have dynamic edge lighting while the LX does not.

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feelintheflow2889d ago

As much as I would like to, I just bought a 55 inch led a year and a half ago. So I don't see 3d tv in my future for another 5 years at least. Sucks to be me.

Boody-Bandit2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

There has to be a room in your house that could use that 55 inch LED you purchased. That's what I do. By the time I am done my bathrooms with have flat panel LED's.

Marriage is over rated.
Maybe that's why I keep spending so much money on electronics. Something will eventually make her leave. I have been working on it for 20 years and still no luck.

*looks over at wife.. take a hint woman, GTFO!*

feelintheflow2889d ago

When I moved into my new house 2 years ago I started replacing every tv in my house. 55 in the living room, 42 in the basement 37 in my bedroom, 32 in the exercise room, and 26 in one spare bedroom and 22 in the other. So i don't see me getting away with dropping a few thousand on a new tv this quick, at least if I want to stay married.

Pillage052889d ago

Look at it this way feelintheflow. In the future when 3d either
a)completely fails and disappears
b)becomes extremely popular (more supported entertainment) and cheap
c) evolves in to glassesless (or gets better i.e. no ghosting of second image)

you're gonna be the smart consumer and laughing at the people who spent money on these tvs and have to find a way to justify a purchase of another tv.

I can't fathom that 3d in its current form will last real long. And I know 2 people who own 3d tvs already and neither have used the 3d feature yet for more than 10 minutes.

I could be proven wrong but at this point, it'd be hard to convince me otherwise. There's people out there with enough money to justify the 3d purchase and power to them...but if you even have to question whether you should get one or not...i'd say no.

Pillage052889d ago

Also, even if you can just hold out 'till next christmas or so, the tech. is already dropping in price pretty quickly.

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Koolno2889d ago

Without glasses = no good 3D before...uhhh 2, 3 years, and perhaps never !

SO, glasses are good.

piroh2889d ago

i'll buy one just because of GT5 when it'll be cheaper

Soldierone2889d ago

We all know 3D is just starting and buying it now is just stupid. Nothing will utilize it fully and glasses will disapear within a year.

Boody-Bandit2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Glasses will disappear in a year?
Want to place a bet on that?
Glassless 3D displays at an affordable price range and wide viewing axis is much further down the road than a year away. How you got 6 people to agree with you boggles the mind. Then again it just proves how ignorant and misinformed people are today.

Yeah I have row seating in my theater in my basement but only 3 rows. If you were to buy a glassless 3D display today it would add a whole other level of row seating. 1 behind the other (maybe 2 wide) as many deep as you have people wanting to watch. The viewing axis of a glassless 3D display is 10x worse than the first LCD. Maybe a slight exaggeration but it's pretty freaking bad.

fr0sty2889d ago

to the "i'll wait until I don't have to wear glasses" crowd, don't hold your breath. currently, your other option is to take everyone in the room and cram them in a tiny little space dead center to the tv and a certain distance away before they'll be able to see the 3d effect, and even then you have to pay a fortune for what turns out to be a low resolution display that has horrible banding issues if you move around at all while watching it.

Bolts2889d ago

The glassless technology is currently in the developmental stages and it will require and entirely different panel so I don't see this coming in the next three years. Even then it'll cost an arm, leg and a few other body parts just to get your foot in the door.

You can look for Sony and Samsung to milk their LED cash cow dry before they start rolling out anything glassless.

Soldierone2889d ago

And you proved me wrong how? The only thing you did was stupidly take a sarcastic remark seriously, thus proving that you yourself is apart of the "idiot" crowd you created.

Glassless 3D technology IS coming, you all admitted it, so why not wait? Its like buying a Plasma TV in the early days, they sucked. HD wasn't being used at all, they got hot, they had burn in, and faded fast. Compared to todays TV I feel bad for anyone that purchases those. You don't think the same will happen with 3D? Ive seen Killzone in 3D, ive seen movies in 3D, its nothing special the technology behind movies and games is still evolving and still not anywhere near its potential.

By the time glassless 3D TV"s are here then it will be near that potential, so yes I'll wait. Next time you try to call me out try something with facts and a little less "your an idiot cus you don't agree with my opinion" crap. Honestly you are a prime example of why people get annoyed (like yourself) at N4G comments. Simply said, why name call and say im an idiot just because i dont fall into the brainwashed early 3D tv adopters crowd? I rather spend the money on a bigger LED TV and Home Theater System.

Pillage052889d ago

I have to agree with these people, you could be waiting a while for a no-glassess tv where the picture is actually good quality. But I wouldn't doubt that prices are gonna be much lower in a year. Picture quality will likely improve too.

GrandTheftZamboni2888d ago

There's gonna be new, better product in the future and it's gonna be cheaper.

That is true for all technologies, not only 3D TVs with glasses.

I bought a 3D TV because I had nothing better to do with my credit card. And as soon as I saw Super Stardust in action I was glad that I did.

And if I have couple of grand when glassless TV cost that much, I might as well buy that too. If not, then I won't.

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Koolno2889d ago

Yeah yeah, like bluray 4 years ago..

some people use best things when it comes, others are waiting to be sure it's a great thing, and lost 3, 4 years, each time.

3D is now (a lot of films now, and most of all : games !)

MGRogue20172889d ago

I'm fine with my 32" HDTV, Thanks.

Shazz2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I just can't afford a 3d tv if I'm honest hopefully in a couple yrs it will hit the 500 to 600 prices

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