El33tonline Review: The Fight: Lights Out (PS3)

Oliver at El33tonline writes:

"Long have I yearned for a game that allows me to enter a virtual world and directly interact with that imagined space through the use of nothing more than my own body movements. This desire began many years ago after watching a TV segment where I witnessed two people ‘playing’ the original Mortal Kombat (the hot game of the day) using virtual reality equipment. I had no idea how it worked (or even if it worked), but I became convinced that ‘this was the future.’

Now, years later, we’ve been given the chance to punch virtual opponents into a pulp with the advent of the PlayStation 3’s Move motion controllers… probably about as effectively as those guys in the early 90’s ‘playing’ Mortal Kombat with VR headsets and gloves – the act of throwing punches while immersed in a fantasy environment may be fun for a while, but eventually you’ll realise that it’s not very satisfying at all."

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HungryGoku2892d ago

Love this game getting buff like Goku he is my role model.