Kinect Hacks: American Sign Language recognition

It seems so obvious: Using Kinect to help people learn American Sign Language. That's exactly what researchers at Georgia Tech College of Computing are working on, pairing Microsoft's oft-hacked motion sensing camera with custom software that previously required colored gloves kitted with wrist-mounted, 3-axis accelerometers. On a series of increasingly difficult tests, the software returned results with 100% accuracy, 99.98% accuracy, and 98.8% accuracy.

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kaveti66162553d ago

no, but it's a good jumping off point.

2553d ago
AceofStaves2553d ago

Great application for the Kinect tech!

hennessey862553d ago

decides to lease the tech to various companys to do things like this they are going to make a fortune and kinect will pay for its self

AceofStaves2553d ago

Agreed. Licensing the tech could be an even stronger source of revenue for MS than restricting it to use in gaming.

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Z5012553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Speaking of applications that help people.

Anyone else remember back in 2007 when folding proteins on your console was lame?/

Those Zhuk & The Mart days.

Christopher2553d ago

They're going to need some very processing intense interpretation logic when they get down to reading hand and finger position/movement.

Good luck to them.

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The story is too old to be commented.