New, action-packed Crysis 2 shots

EA released new action-packed screenshots of Crysis 2.

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SnakeMustDie2921d ago

Maximum Graphics!! Oh wait, Maximum Awesomeness!!

velocitygamer2920d ago

Wait for the PC fanboys to come and say "it lookz betta on teh pc, console version is shit"

Pandamobile2920d ago

There's no need for stating the obvious.

piroh2920d ago

the thing is i can play this game on my PS3 i dont care about PC gaming. maybe facebook flash games just like poker

trancefreak2920d ago

I get the both of the best my 8800gtx died going to get a 460 for now to play Crysis on my i7 rig and many other pc games upcoming.

Been playing a little bit combat arms kinda fun.

I heard the the 8800gtx has a lifetime warranty would like to rma to evga. see what happens with that.

Kiriel2921d ago

Crysis 2 keeps surprising me. Just when you think you've seen it all, Crytek pumps out another batch of great screenshots. Pretty amazing stuff.

Shaman2921d ago

Game looks sicker and sicker as time goes by...

Greek God2920d ago

wait those pics are the ps3 version
are you freaking shiting me??!!!
this is cgi like

Pandamobile2920d ago

No they're not. They're PC screenshots.

byeGollum2920d ago

whoever disagreed with panda is in denial lol...