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As the followup to one of the most beautiful and innovative titles on the PSN, echochrome ii takes puzzle solving to a new level with the inclusion of the PlayStation Move. Is Japan Studio’s latest brain-teasing title worth the trouble?

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doctorstrange2864d ago

Love the shadow play. Getting it on Christmas

Sev2864d ago

I'm dying to get my hands on this some more.

-Alpha2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Good job, Sev. Much more detailed review than IGN's which was getting me worried.

If the reviews continue to be so positive then I think I'll be picking up a Move for Christmas along with Tumble and EchoChrome.

redwolf2864d ago

this and dead nation will be good buy for me

BigPete79782864d ago

Dead Nation is a great buy, it's a lot of fun. Definitely looking at echochrome ii. It looks amazing.

Gambit072863d ago

The only game so far that's tempting me to buy a Move.

Taggart4512863d ago

You really should pick it up. If you're in the mood to really put your mind to work, it's totally worth it.

T3mpr1x2863d ago

Tumble is also another great showcase for the Move, but this is one of the most innovative uses yet.

Sev2863d ago

I have to agree. Tumble is my favorite game for the Move so far. You really gotta try it in 3D. Using the Move to grab the blocks within a 3D plane is really the most interactive game I've played so far. It really feels like you are reaching in and grabbing the blocks.

Closest thing to virtual reality you can get.

ftwrthtx2863d ago

I may have to get the move just for this game as well.

ftwrthtx2863d ago

I really loved the original so this should be just as fun