Images of Ninja Gaiden 2

A few days before the Tokyo Games Show, Tecmo and Microsoft unveil the first images of Ninja Gaiden 2, for the moment still a Xbox 360 exclusive. Graphically, Sigma doesn't seem too threatened.

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FirstknighT3519d ago

I'm a big fan of the Ninja Gaiden series. Ninja Gaiden Black is easily the greatest action game ever made. I kinda hope they keep the same diffaculty as the first one. I like a good challenge. I played Ninja Gaiden Sigma and you can tell that they dumbed it down a bit. I can see the that this game still has it's bloody goodness! Can't wait.

BloodySinner3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Hell yeah! Ninja Gaiden!

EDIT: What the hell? Who's the morons who are randomly disagreeing with everyone?

okcomputer3519d ago

Other than the water jumping being automatic (which sucked) how else did they dumb down sigma?

Evil0Angel3519d ago

gratest action game ever made.
the graphic basicly the best ever in any platform, they do not use dark environment to cover up for .... texture ect ect

NINJA GAIDEN for lifand they say " what games did the xbox360 got in 2008,. it got nothin " nothin my a@@

i take this game over anygame in any system anytime

risk3519d ago

not to be a fanboy or anything, but evil-angel, i think you say that to every game.

barom3519d ago

lol who said this game is coming in 2008?

tehcellownu3519d ago

Looks like Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PS3..I have a great feeling that NG2 will make it to the PS3 as well..I will predict this game releasing around the end of 2008 or early 2009..which is far far away..

TheSadTruth3519d ago

was hoping for better graphics because you know the gameline and storyline will be top notch

Rageanitus3519d ago

Maybe your inner self likes the ps3/ps2 controller more lol

Silver3603519d ago

And the funny thing is that these are not the final graphics. It still has a lot of polishing to go through. WOw!!!!

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X3519d ago

The city looks nice and the gauntlets look cool. Hope they have video of this in action during the conferences.

codeazrael3519d ago

Jeez, you could probably cut off a guy's pecker with all of the slicing and dicing going on in those pics.