Hands-on: Mass Effect 2 PS3 -- Mass Effect 2 Perfected -- Examiner

Finally, after a year of waiting, PS3 owners will be able to get in on the action and partake in one of the best games of 2010.

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OllieBoy2918d ago

BioWare is so damn awesome. Glad they're finally on board the PlayStation train :)

Can't wait to try the demo tomorrow.

norman292918d ago

Will still get lower review scores than the Xbox version even after BoiWare have said its the better version, even the graphics have been improved so will be fun to compare Visual raitings in reviews to see what sites can actually review games and not buy into fanboy bullsheep

Nitrowolf22918d ago

They will mark it down since it's a year late, i bet it will be some sort of BS like that. Can't wait till tomorrow, lots of great demo/games

Keith Olbermann2918d ago

who cares if it scores a bit lower. People will still play it and love it. I dont care about scores anymore unless they are so bad they affect the companies sales.

Karum2918d ago

I'm not sure a review is even needed really, the reviews of the game for PC and 360 are already out there...all we really need to know is how well the game performs on a technical level and how the interactive comic book at the beginning is for getting people up to speed.

An article describing those 2 aspects are all that is needed rather than a fully fledged review...I mean the content is the same, all we need to know is how it runs.

doa7662918d ago

"Using the latest Unreal engine, Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 looks sharper than the Xbox 360 version"

Koolno2917d ago

"Will still get lower review scores than the Xbox version "

even if the version is better, on superior hardware with better competitors, it's harder to get perfect scores (+ we can't ignore the bias reality).

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2918d ago
PS360PCROCKS2918d ago

If it's anything like the xbox demo it's a pain in the ass demo. Lol because the first 15 minutes is spent learning the story. Which is great and a good thing to have in the demo, but when you just wanna see how it plays, going through all that kinda makes you impatient.

P1NKY2918d ago

Lucky. I have to wait till wednesday as thats when the EU Store gets updated.

TheDivine2917d ago

Who cares about scores or sales this is the best series of this generation and ps3 owners can finally experience its glory. GOTY. Sucks you miss out on part 1 which was the better game(story/rpgwise) but i trust bioware to do a damn good intro to explain everything. This is the best game ive ever played, only mgs4, alan wake, and uncharted can come close to how great it is.

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Serjikal_Strike2918d ago

ME2 demo tomorrow?

shit I didnt know that...BfBc2 Vietnam and this demo?

*head exploded*

fight4love2918d ago

forgot dead space 2 demo and lbp2 demo.

Keith Olbermann2918d ago

Been playing LBP2 now for a week or so and its amazing. I played deadspace multi a while ago...will this be single player demo??

Myst2918d ago

Will be snagging that demo after work.

RedDead2918d ago

Thought the pc version was the perfected one? That comic thing at the start is a nice addition. I would have welcomed that in the 360 version. I had ME on a differant xbox which broke. I had to give the hardrive over to get a replacement. Therefore, I had no save file for ME1

ct032918d ago

PC version is obviously the best one.

Koolno2917d ago

says the butthurt xfanboy..

SnakeMustDie2918d ago

The PS3 is the perfected version. It might be a possibility because the PS3 might have ironed out the bugs and just confirmed with huge engine updates and better pre-rendered cutscenes because of the high storage capability of Blu-ray. Although the PC is the best version, it still had bugs like getting stuck at benches and railings that the PS3 version might have fixed already.

ct032918d ago

If they re-encode the cutscenes for PS3 they had better update the PC cutscenes as well.

It's pretty ridiculous how the cutscenes looked A LOT worse than the actual game. I don't understand why they made them into low-bitrate 720p videos to begin with instead of running them realtime like Mass Effect 1.

SnakeMustDie2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I agree. The pre-rendered cutscenes in the PC version are horrible. I don't know if they used the same pre-rendered cutscenes to the 360 because it is just horrible. The pre-rendered cutscenes pales in comparison to the in-game graphics on the PC version.I hope BioWare actually use high-res pre-rendered cutscenes for ME3.

Sarcasm2918d ago

Yes the PC version is the best, but there were bugs in the DEMO which I got stuck a few times. It's weird.

However, I'll pick 60fps 1920x1080 32xCSAA anyday.

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