Instinct gets another terrible score: 2.0/10 from GameSpot

Instinct received an "abysmal" 1.7 out of 10 from IGN. Now GameSpot gives a "terrible" 2.0 out of 10 to the same game and writes:

"Terrible AI and indecipherable dialogue are just two of the many problems afflicting this zombie shooter."

The Good:
+ Some spooky music at times.

The Bad
- Confusing storytelling due to time-shifting cutscenes and Russian dialogue
- Dumb AI and positioning makes it seem like enemies want you to kill them
- Repetitive, dull level design.

GameSpot Score: 2.0 (out of 10) Terrible

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Mario183724d ago

Definitely a buy, can't wait to pick it up!

CRIMS0N_W0LF3724d ago

It has lower score then LAIR :O

MK_Red3724d ago

A must have, Can't way. It looks better than BioShock and Crysis combined.

Syko3724d ago

The Good:
+ Some spooky music at times.

I have a feeling this accounted for 1.8 out of the 2.0, The other .2 came from the time they put in to create the game. Oh, well without turds like this one you could never appreciate the mediocre games.