The Orange Box to have a massive 99 achievements

You read that right, the upcoming Orange Box for the 360 will break the mold and rules with 99 achievements. The previous cap was 55 for a total of 1250. The 99 achievements are still only worth a total of 1000 points so expect many small rewards as you work through this game.

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Moac3846d ago

omg just awesome, 360 is a must have, will buy when HALO 3 comes =). To bad PS3 doesn't have achievement, really bad.

socomnick3846d ago

omg sweet Achievements are like crack :)

Nth RooCH3846d ago

I can understand why being that there are so many titles involved, but 99?! Fingers crossed there aren't any weak ones like "Get #1 rank in the world". Those truly ruin an achievement list *cough*GRAW1*cough*

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