Amazon moves DC Universe Online shipping date ahead three months

Fans who pre-ordered DC Universe Online from Amazon awoke to a pleasant surprise (or is that a tease?) in their inbox this morning. An order update email was sent out by the online shopping megalith indicating that SOE's superhero extravaganza will be shipping in mid January with an estimated arrival date somewhere between the 18th and the 20th

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redwolf2738d ago

this is new, date moving ahead instead of delay, PS3 line up in Q1 2011 look best yet

Raoh2738d ago

that's new for sony LOL

so far i can say everythign in DCUO is awesome. i unfortunately can not buy the game day 1. i've been playing the beta on both pc and ps3. i wish the servers were merged like ffxi were pc, ps2, 360 and BC PS3 can play together.

i'm going to wait and see post release where the majority of the community goes before i buy.

Raoh2738d ago

On another note, in typical sony fashion they are crowding their release schedules.

mass effect 2, LittleBigPlanet 2 and DC Universe Online all in the same month?

sony must think the recession is over. LOL

OGharryjoysticks2738d ago

that's because Amazon is the only retailer that didn't have it coming out in January in the first place