EA Exec Says In-Game Advertising Doesn't Pay Off

Despite the once-high hopes, Electronic Arts executive Ben Cousens says in-game advertising hasn't paid off the way it was once expected to.

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Balt 2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Of course it doesn't.

The biggest gaming demograph are 10 to 25 year olds. These people do not invest in stocks. They do not do their own shopping. They tend to still live at home with their parents or in dorm rooms and rarely have full time jobs at their age.

They do not buy products. They buy games to pass the time while at home from school or while in college. In game advertising has a window but not on hardcore gaming. Only casual games would see a spark in consumer good sales because casual games are enjoyed by more than just 10 to 25 year olds. They are enjoyed by people who dabble in stocks. Have full time jobs. Live on their own. Support housholds.

BrianG2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Your doing a lot of stereotyping.

But honestly it has to do with the type of advertising. For example, in a racing game people want product placement. They want to drive the real cars, and this gives car companies the opportunity to get their names out there to prospective buyers. So for them it pays off.

On the other hand having a gas station in MW2, Hess for example purposes, wouldn't really pay off for Hess. Gamers playing that game are most likely not thinking "where am I gonna get my gas from".

It has its places, and if done correctly will more than pay off.

RedDragan2591d ago

As the above said. It has to be done right.

An example where it probably would work:

In Crysis 2 you have a city. In that city there will be tonnes of advertising billboards, some would say it was blatant advertising by the Dev's to make money however... it is true to life.

You would expect to see Coca-Cola ad's, Microsoft Windows ad's etc.

There could be a times square type place where those billboards become digital etc.

It would be a money spinner, and such a thing could be updated for newer adverts from other companies who want to jump on the bandwagon. I can see that some gamers will not like that, but... it is what we see in real cities so why not in virtual cities?

It is about being in the right place, with right type of advertising from the right companies.

So far, Dev's have failed pretty badly in implementing this idea when all they have to do is copy the real world. It would help add realism to their game anyway.

NecrumSlavery2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Well ingame ads are free. The companies pay for their product to be in there. I honestly don't mind it if its more than one product. I would not want to walk around in Alan Wake or Heavy Rain and every drink is a can of Pepsi or something, but a large amount of real world products adds an immerive realism that I can appreciate. I like how there was a Full Throttle machine in one of the Homefront gameplay demos I saw. Made it feel a little more at home. But if a game has so much interactivity(Like Fallout or Elder Scrolls or Dead Rising where there is lots of interactive items around), it down't matter the food and items are fake named. I like that kind of immersive experience. Product placement doesn't neccesarily sell me on the product, but it does make the world more real.

Also on Sports and Racing games. I don't like fake ads. That just annoys the hell out of me and makes the game feel cheap.

RedDragan2591d ago


Same here, the fake products and advert boards are far worse than the real thing!

Although the ads are real in Home, I think they have tackled the issue in the wrong way. They are only advertising their own stuff, everything is game related.

Sure Sony should advertise their games and TV's etc, but they should consider allowing others to advertise as well. Some Pepsi adverts are great... some nice booty on those lol...

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Persistantthug2591d ago

Guys need deodorant and razors and girls need tamponds and clothes.........and deodorant.

Pillage052591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

....and razors

guys need clothes too by the way... but prolly not tampons

Persistantthug2591d ago

Kinda like how men get 10 or 20 dollar Hair cuts.
For the most part, We'd never spend 100 dollars on a hair cut.

Women are totally different in this regard.

That's just for the record.

FragGen2591d ago

If this is how you post all the time, I totally get why you have only one bubble.

Pillville2591d ago

I keep looking in stores for Fancy Lads Snack Cakes and Nuka Cola, but they always seem to be sold out.

Redempteur2591d ago

game advertizing should feel in place withthe game world i don't care about a pepsi ads when i'm raicng in burnout paradise for example .. but it better not happen when i'm playing a medieval rpg ( it sound crazy but when you look at the industry that might still happen )

AssassinHD2591d ago

I can believe that. When I am playing a game I am far too busy trying to conquer, er I mean save the world to notice a Coke machine or a Gold's Gym billboard.

FragGen2591d ago

If it makes the EA execs feel any better I don't pay attention to billboards or web banner ads in real life, either.

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