Top 5 Ways to End the Mass Effect Trilogy

It would be fair to assume that Bioware’s long history of rip-roaring, twisty-turning, jaw-dropping storytelling will lend some clues as to how one may finish the epic yarn that is Mass Effect. By meticulously analyzing their previous games, GameZone has assembled a list containing the five most probable revelations of this sci-fi trilogy, one of which is absolutely guaranteed to be used in the final work. I would swear the names of your ancestors on it.

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Myst2742d ago

Here's hoping a variety of endings will be present similar to how you could go through Omega-4 Relay. Wanna see what a 'wittle' asari would look like :).

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Christopher2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

It should end with the Reapers winning all over again. That way, we can do another trilogy where the alien races (some new, some not back after the cleansing, and some returned) have gotten to a point where they find info on the reapers again. This time it'll be a mix of the once-living races sending messages about the Reaper invasions (cameos from the various team mates we had in the first 3 games). But, this time, there's enough info that by the third game we'll be able to attack the Reapers and win before they wipe out all the races again.

ThanatosDMC2742d ago

I wanna see some random guy just shank Shepard when they're about to shake hands after Shepard has killed off all the bad guys and saved the known universe. He'll die on the ground while looking up at the stars as he bleeds to death.

Yakuza 3 style... it pissed me off to no end till after the credits.

SnakeMustDie2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

There is only one way for the trilogy to end. An epic battle against the reapers with all the allies shepard gathered from all 3 games. Its kinda obvious like the Rachni queen from 1, Geth rewrite from 2(Although you need to do Legion's loyalty so I want to see how BioWare will handle it).

Cevapi882742d ago

what about taking the fight to the reapers? i forget if they come from a different dimension or universe, it's been awhile since i played the first ME

Myst2742d ago

The edge of the universe I believe. Like the unknown reaches of it or rather unexplored parts of it, at least I think that's what it is. Utilizing relay stations to move back and forth from the outer region to their and power down when they are in the outer region to recharge batteries and what not.

Should be interesting to see how they got to Earth and what if any relay they used.

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CrzyFooL2742d ago

I hope the whole universe explodes and then it cuts to 500 years later with some tigers running across a field and looking over the ruins of Midgar . . . wait . . . nevermind.

drzmvp5542742d ago

I say have one main ending and have multiple alternate endings

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